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    10 Healthcare Departments that Utilize High Density Storage Solutions

    Oct 2, 2018Healthcare, High Density Storage

    Imagine a storage system that could save you 60% storage capacity, over 70% floor space, and safety features that could save you inventory costs. Business Systems & Consultants, Inc. partners with exceptional manufacturers to bring you high density storage that does all that and more.

    One of the systems we have to offer is a carousel system that stores all your equipment, parts, etc. and by using a control panel, rotates your storage and brings you exactly what you need in a matter of seconds. The lift mechanism stores heavy equipment to retrieve items in storage and brings them right to you by the control of a software panel. Both storage systems are made in a vertical length to provide you with extra storage space and more floor space. Rather than using the extra floor space, vertical storage uses the overhead space that would otherwise be wasted with other storage systems. A high density movable system can save space by compacting all the aisles by opening one entryway at a time eliminating dead aisle space.

    Now think about healthcare facilities. How many departments use storage systems every day for equipment, medicine, records, clothing garments, sterile supplies, etc.? The answer is all. All departments in the healthcare industry need storage units to accurately store materials and they need to be stored safely with easy retrieval methods when needed at a moments notice.

    We’re going to discuss ten different departments that can utilize high density storage everyday.

    Department 1: Surgery

    Every day sterile supplies are used for surgeries in the OR (Operating Room) and often they are misused, stolen, misplaced or lost. How can you better manage the access of these supplies and keep them organized in a way that retrieval is fast and simple?

    One of BSC’s solutions is a carousel that offers maximum efficiency in the retrieval of surgical instruments and the equipment in the central sterilization room of a clinic. The Rotomat storage system holds the instruments in specific bins and can be accessed by a control panel attached to the storage unit.  Not only is it protected from dirt, grim, and bacteria it is protected from employees who do not have appropriate access to that storage system. In the case of an emergency surgery, being able to access equipment in a quick fashion is crucial to saving a life. The Rotomat offers quick retrieval and allows for instruments to be ready for use.

    Department 2: Pharmacies

    Often times, medicine needs to be stored in a cool environment. That’s why BSC offers Cold storage units that provide the appropriate temperature for all medicine types. By creating more space and offering proper storage for pharmacy needs, you can see up to 60% more space and the prevention of pharmaceutical shortage. Retrieving medications for patients quicker will help with the overall time each patient needs to be in the hospital and will decrease wait times significantly, in turn, increasing productivity for employees.

    Department 3: Labs

    Like the pharmacy, labs contain material that needs to be accessed in a quick manner. High Density storage systems help decrease the amount of time it would typically take employees to search and retrieve items. By using the controlled software panel, materials can be accessed and placed in your hands in a matter of seconds.

    Department 4: Administration/ File Rooms

    Productivity can be slowed down immensely within the administration department. Records are being flushed through daily and updates are needing to be made on patient records constantly. Storage systems provided by BSC can help take the load off with the automated vertical carousel.

    Records can be kept in organized dividers (file management) that separate each record and help employees access them quickly and efficiently. BSC offers vertical hanging folders, lateral hanging folders, vertical standing folders, ring binders, data carriers, etc. to help compress storage space. Need the filing supplies too? Like the actual folders, labels, dividers. BSC can help you with that as a turn-key solution.

    Department 5: Radiology

    Similar to records management and administration records handling, radiology is another department that handles records, x-rays, etc. on a daily basis. Automated Storage systems would benefit these departments greatly by using the high density systems to store images and other materials in trays, folders, bins, etc. to better manage each individual item. These storage systems gives x-ray records the ability to be archived in an orderly and protected environment. Film can be stored in cabinets or bins to get faster retrieval times and overall better productivity.

    Department 6: Laundry

    Bed linens, patient gowns, and towels are used and switched out daily for new patients and cleaning purposes. The automated carousel allows for laundry to be stored from the back of the machine and accessed from the front creating a faster retrieval system and efficient storage solution. Not only do you have more storage space in your facility, you are protecting your freshly ironed linens from bacteria and dirt.

    Department 7: Pathology

    Protected storage is a must for departments like Pathology. BSC’s storage systems keep all compounds secure and grants access to specific employees who are entitled to the material stored. Easy retrieval of these compounds gives employees the opportunity to work on other tasks throughout the day. Specimens are stored in bins that rotate on a carousel belt that can be controlled by a panel and brought to you within seconds.

    Department 8: Sterile Supply

    Think of how much money you could lose if sterile supplies were stolen or lost. This issue could be eliminated with Hanel storage solutions by acquiring a lock for each unit that can only be accessed by specific employees. Inventory can be counted accurately and money for replacements can be lessened because inventory management will be at its best. Sterile supplies are a necessity for OR/CS (Operating Room/Central Supply) and to have better control over your supplies will bring efficiency and productivity to your industry.

    Department 9: Temperature-Controlled Rooms

    Some supplies, medications, etc. are required to be in a certain temperature at all times, some colder than others. Hanel offers cost-efficient storage that controls the temperature so supplies don’t get ruined. You can store items in a heated or cool setting. Many items are thrown away because of improper storage, now you can save money with a storage system that not only get the temperature at a safe setting but saves you floor space.

    Similar to the storage units discussed above, this storage unit uses overhead space that would otherwise get wasted with other storage systems. The Lean-Lift stores products vertically and the lift automatically brings you any item you access from the control panel. It’s an easy process that can save you a significant amount of money.

    Department 10: Maintenance

    Last but not least, the maintenance department. You may not think about the importance of this department but things do break and in a hospital setting, it could be crucial if a machine broke down. The Hanel Rotomat stores supplies for the maintenance department in bins that allow for easy organization and quick retrieval. If something breaks and their is an important task that needs to be done using the machine that happened to break, a technician would need supplies as fast as possible. The Rotomat brings supplies to you by a click of a button that allows for tasks like the one above to get finished quicker.

    High Density Storage at its best

    Overall, vertical storage systems can alleviate the amount of time it takes for employees to complete a task. Workflow can be faster and money can be saved every day. Your employees are begging you to help them relieve some of the time it takes to search for parts and grab the items they need for tasks around the facility. Help your healthcare facilities gain the proper storage systems they need to be as productive as possible.

    BSC not only will come to your site, provide a free analysis and study of the storage capacity you have, we will also provide you with a cost that is turnkey- including the installation and delivery and after the fact warranties/ service programs. We have certified and trained technicians for all the products we stand behind so that if there is ever an issue, we are one local call away.