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    Advantages of Leasing Business Equipment VS. Buying

    Jan 29, 2019Blog, Vertical Storage

    Buying or leasing business equipment. Why? 

    If you’re in the market for new equipment, you certainly don’t have to commit to buying just yet; research and consider the advantages of leasing your buisness equipment today as an alternative option to buying it. Didn’t know this was an option? Talk to one of our sales professionals today.

    Business equipment and assets can be expensive, and budgeting for it isn’t always easy, but leasing can offer a more cost-effective purchasing option in a timely manner to help you run your business easier and smoother today. Short-term leases also give you peace of mind knowing that you haven’t wasted money on equipment that may not be the best for your business. And with new technology advances every day, old equipment can become obsolete before its ROI sometimes.

    Saving Money 

    Buying equipment requires a large down payment often times a third or even half of the cost, which may not be in your best interest. Instead, leasing business equipment requires a deposit and monthly payments designed around your budgetary needsworking with you.

    Think about your credit 

    When you are purchasing equipment and assets you have to think about your credit and the effects it may have. With a lease, you don’t need to think about which bank to use and who willgive credit to you. Business credit lines will be open and willallow you to receive funding for building type expansions, staffing growth and hiring, or other everyday needs. Having a monthly budget also allows you to prepare for unexpected expenses that are always going to occur unexpectantly.

    Stay Competitive & Avoid Obsolescence

    Leasing equipment allows you to always have access to the latest technology and new products that come out on the market. You don’t want to be locked in with equipment you bought when a new and better solution appears on the market, which we all know it will. A lease helps prevent you from using obsoleteand old-fashioned equipment and upgrade new equipment faster and easier.

    No more maintenance costs 

    This is different types of leases, but sometimes the leaseagreement can include costs like the initial installation, deliverycharges and fees, and maintenance agreements including labor costs for repairs. Since leasing companies are usually responsible for maintaining equipment, it relieves the stress and financial planning  on you and your personnel to keep up withservice call repairs and upgrades.

    Deciding on your needs 

    A short-term lease agreement allows you to evaluate whether the equipment is right for your business before you commit to a purchase or long-term lease agreement.

    Tax Benefits 

    Leasing business equipment and assets can meet the requirements as a deductible expense. When your companyqualifies your lease as an expense, the equipment is also not listed as an asset or liability. This simplifies your accounting.  This also helps you avoid debts.

    Fixed montly payments 

    Lease payments aren’t affected by the market and will stay the same every month allowing you to stay on budget. They’re fixed for the term of the lease, which protects you from inflation and higher payments as the years or months go by.

    Contact us about leasing business equipment

    Business Systems & Consultants offers a variety of equipment leases for various products and different industries of business markets. For more information about the types of leasing options and equipment we offer, call us at 205-988-3300 or email to have a representative call you and come onsite to talk further.