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    The 3 different types of automated storage in air-controlled environment are: CleanStore, ClimateStore, and Drystore.

    automated storage


    • CleanStore – Particle Controlled
    • ClimateStore – Temperature Controlled
    • DryStore – Humidity Controlled

    At BSC we custom make solutions to fit your specific needs. Depending on your needs we can provide you the CleanStore, ClimateStore, or the DryStore. These automated storage units are flexible. Therefore, they can be free-standing or installed. We have technicians in office that can install the new unit into pre-existing rooms.


    Industries that can benefit from automated storage in air-controlled environments:

    In recent years the requirements, in terms of quality, has become more & more strict and demanding. This is because, depending on the industry, storage must meet certain specificities.

    That is why we offer the three differnet automated storage solutions. The ClimateStore allows items in the unit to be stored a specific & constant temperature. Also, the DryStore allows for items to be stored in humid conditions as well as allowing for corrosion-protectection in this unit. Lastly, the CleanStore, this unit allows for low-particle storage in the units.

    Automated Storage Types

    The CleanStore offers faste retrieval, simple to operate, & max felxibility. Through using a CleanStore automated storage unit, you can store items that are more sensitive to contamination. Also, the unit meets quality requirements while being economically efficient and saving cost overall.

    The DryStore storage units are simple to use & save space, while still keeping items under very specific humidity conditions. This system can keep your items safe from corrosion/aging. Also, the DryStore is economically efficiant and will save costs overall.

    The ClimateStore can be used in a variety of ways and can be useful in all industries. The ClimateStore has different temperature ranges, depending on the device type. If the device type is a Lean-Left, then the temperature range is 32° to +140°F. If the device type is a Rotomat, then the temperature range is -4° to +140°F.

    Why Should You Choose BSC?

    We stock all the parts, accessories, and storage solutions you might need to equip your air-controlled environment, and that means you’ll be up and running as quickly as possible. Furthermore, we’re familiar with the various safety and compliance requirements you must meet in different industries and will be with you for every step along the way as you design and build the perfect air-controlled environment for your needs.

    BSC has years of experience creating and designing customized material handling and storage solutions for all sorts of organizations, and that includes plenty of experience with the building of clean rooms in many industries. Whether you’re looking for work surfaces, furniture, or secure and temperature-controlled storage systems, we’re here to help. Contact BSC today to find out how we can help you build the perfect air-controlled environment for your needs, or for a quote or free assessment.