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    Automated Storage In Air-Controlled Environments

    Jan 29, 2019Blog, High Density Storage

    CleanStore. ClimateStore. DryStore. With Hanel’s highly innovative technology and solutions, the Cleanstore is particle-controlled meaning low particle storage of components in cleanrooms. The ClimateStore model is temperature controlled so whether it is the plus or minus ranger, goods are stored at a constant temperature. The DryStore Hanel units are humidity controlled for articles that need to be stored in humidity and corrosion-protected conditions.

    Free Brochure: Automated storage in air-controlled environments 

    Innovative Solutions for automated storage in clean-rooms, temperature-controlled areas, and dry-air environments.

    The quality requirements that consumer and industrial goods have to meet are becoming increasingly strict and extensive. Many goods today, ranging from very sensitive components in the electronics industry (such as the delicate surfaces of semiconductor goods) to sensitive substances in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, need a climate controlled or dry storage type of solutions like the ClimateStore and DryStore exclusively designed by Hanel Storage Systems. These are to be stored under specific, defined conditions. With its automated ClimateStore, CleanStore and DryStore systems, Hanel offers future-oriented solutions suitable for air-controlled environments. The systems are flexible and can be free-standing or installed so that they dock into existing room systems.

    Clean Solutions for Storage in a clean room area

    These space-saving storage systems are part of a concept in low-particle clean-rooms with time-proven Hanel Rotomat technology.

    The Hanel CleanStore principle is based on a sophisticated doublewall technology combined with filter systems. Air-conditioning can be added as an option if this is a need or requirement. The CleanStore technology in the Hanel storage systems is used primarily in the electronics and semiconductor industry as well as in medical engineering – wherever a high level of air cleanliness is required for production and manufacturing.

    The Benefits of Clean Storage: 

    • Flexibility since there are no structural limitations
    • Ideally used for contamination-sensitive products and items
    • Clean-room class 5 compliant
    • Optional recording of measured values with data loggers
    • Temperature-controlled storage even in the clean-room areas
    • Easy operation
    • Fast storage and retrieval times
    • Parts protection
    • Parts stored according to clean-room guidelines
    • High economic efficiency
    • Overall cost savings

    Cost Efficient Storage for Controlled Temperature settings

    Storage options are available at controlled temperatures with the Hanel Rotomat and Lean-Lift technology. The Hanel ClimateStore technology allows Hanel storage units to be used either as cold storage or as heated storage systems. These can be used for drying components also.

    The Hanel Storage Systems are ideal for the chemical industry, pharmacies and even for companies in mechanical engineering and the motor manufacturing industry. This means maximum security for your products at all times.

    The Benefits of Climate Storage:

    • High economic efficiency
    • Cost savings
    • Used in different temperature ranges depending on the device type
    • Recording of measured values with data loggers as an optional space-saving storage in a temperature-controlled environment
    • Optimum use of floor space while ensuring constant temperatures
    • Easy operation
    • Shorter storage and retrieval times
    • All parts are protected during storage

    Your storage can be kept down to -122 degrees

    For many years Hanel’s product range has included future-oriented solutions for storage in air-controlled environments in the form of the DryStore and ClimateStore systems.

    At this time, Hanel is now offering another option for storage at extremely low temperatures, down to -112 degrees. For this purpose, Hanel storage containers with the electrification feature are used.

    These enable cold boxes to be put into storage and supplied with power while in the lift, ensuring constant cooling of the stored products.

    The size of the access point on the Lean-Lift is adapted to the respective refrigeration system in this instance. Operators can still benefit from Hanel’s ergonomic design. The system is beneficial for storing sensitive parts used in the electronics industry and medical technology.

    DryStore is humidity controlled:

    Hanel’s DryStore storage units are the optimal solution for keeping hygroscopic components under conditions of low humidity. This included pharmaceutical raw materials and sensitive electronic components that have to be protected additionally from corrosion and aging. The Hanel Rotomats and Lean Lift technology enables parts to be stored centrally in the production area and promises fast access to the products.

     The Benefits of DryStorage: 

    • Space-saving storage in a dry environment
    • Easy operation
    • Fast storage and retrieval times
    • Parts protection
    • High economic efficiency and cost savings promised
    • Constant atmosphere > 5% relative humidity
    • Recording of measured values with data loggers optional

    Hanel Rotomat Concept: 

    The principle is simple. Its applications are exceptional. Each Hanel Rotomat is designed according to the tried-and-tested ferris wheel model (vertical carousel principle) which means; goods to user and not user to goods. The compact construction enables up to 60% more storage capacity to be created on a minimal footprint by making use of the available room height. No two Hanel Rotomats are the same, because each task demands a precisely defined solution.

    Hanel Lean Lift Concept:

    Hanel Lean LiftThe Hanel Lean-Lift is both storage rationalization and goods protection in one: At the center of the “cabinet” is a computer controlled positioning lift – called the “extractor”. In front of it and behind it are the storage shelves. This is where the articles are kept in containers. The storage locations are accessed automatically under electronic control by means of the extractor, which stores or retrieves the requested container. The operator works comfortably in the ergonomically positioned retrieval area.

    BSC has trained technicians to help with our Hanel storage systems. We can install and relocate any of your storage systems. Contact us for more information!