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    Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems

    ASRS or AS/RS are appreciations for Automated storage and retrieval systems. They are made of a variation of computer-controlled systems that will automatically put and retrieve assets from set storage locations.

    Companies across the nation have automated storage retrieval systems so that their warehouses are safe and error free. Besides being safe and reliable, they offer ease-of-use. 

    What Are the Benefits? 

    • Real-time inventory control – Because of the automated computer system, inventory levels are updated in real time. Automatic inventory control lets the customers know precisely what they have on-hand at any given time.
    • Theft security – This automated system cannot steal assets or inventory items, it only does what it is told.
    • Improved handling capability – AS/RS systems can handle, store, and retrieve assets of any size as quick and accurate as possible. Optional design allows for multiple loads to be retrieved at one time.
    • Pick accuracy – With an automated storage and retrieval system, you will notice improved picking accuracy with whatever kind of assets you are storing: tools, parts, small parts, linens, and even small motors. Order picking is guided by computerized lasers which target and track the assets.

    Benefits Continued…

    • Improved inventory management – Accuracy and speed of the AS/RS system play a huge role.
    • Various applications/ markets – These systems can work in dry, cold, or sterile conditions which is especially handy if you are storing medical or pharmaceutical tools.
    • Hazardous material items – AS/RS systems are safe and can handle the moving and storage of hazardous materials.
    • Customization – Your AS/RS system is designed to fit the needs of your warehouse or facility by determining the proper amount of allocated space and height while factoring in room for growth.
    • Limited building footprint – Automated storage systems are great for high-density storage and offer a modular design that is easy to add on to as your inventory, warehouse and business environment grows.  ASRS systems allow for vertical, horizontal and lateral movement. AS/RS systems have minimal breakdowns due to their high quality.

    What’s Your ROI?

    Automated storage and retrieval systems provide a substantial return-on-investment (ROI) through their ease of use design. We can consult with you to custom design your facility or warehouse with one of our storage experts.

    Automated storage can help you better control your inventory, keep more inventory at once within less space and also prevent accidents. Automated carousels require minimal maintenance and are more reliable than traditional storage shelving systems like static shelving or pallet rack.

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