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    Boosting Productivity & Reducing Costs With Automated Vertical Storage Birmingham Montgomery Alabama

    Mar 21, 2019Blog, Vertical Storage

    Hanel Solutions – boosting productivity and reducing costs with automated vertical storage

    Hanel has one simple principle – bringing goods to users not users to goods. Employees may not realize how much time they’re spending every day walking to and from their storage units to retrieve inventory or other items. Often these storage units aren’t particularly safe for employees either making them climb, reach and bend for items creating an easier chance of injuries.

    Hanel storage units bring the right parts to the user at the simple touch of a button. The automated vertical storage consumes overhead space that would otherwise go unused and holds all your inventory on compartments such as shelves, bins, etc. These shelves and bins rotate like a carousel would and brings the item directly to you. To determine which item you’d like to retrieve you simply use the touch pad on the front of the machine that allows you to choose the exact item needed and brings it straight to you in a matter of seconds. This process eliminates having to stoop or climb increasing safety for your employees.

    Hanel controllers offer built-in inventory management to eliminate paper pick tickets and software such as HanelSoft offers aadvanced functions and enhanced security. All Hanel controllers can be easily integrated with your existing dealer management system.

    Top 5 Benefits of Automated Vertical Storage

    • More Floor Space: Vertical storage frees existing floor space that can be used to store more inventory or add additional services without the cost of new construction or relocation. Learn more about our relocation services here.
    • Increased Accuracy: Hanel’s inventory management options can improve inventory accuracy to over 99% reducing overstocking, parts shortages, expired items and time wasted correcting errors.
    • Greater Productivity: More parts can be picked or placed in less time, with fewer people, for a significant time savings and a big boost in productivity.
    • Enhanced Security: All valuable inventory items are contained under lock and key for enhanced security, and can optionally be further protected by password-access or a keycard swipe.
    • Improved Ergonomics: All parts are brought directly to the person, eliminating the need to walk long rows of shelving, climbing and stooping to access parts, and carrying heavy or bulky items on ladders.

    Small or large the automated vertical storage systems can hold any item. Industries we’ve seen benefit from automated vertical storage include:

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