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    The Big Advantages of having an Automated Vertical Storage System involves an increase in the following:

    1. Space
    2. Accuracy
    3. Productivity
    4. Security

    Having enough space in your organization is critical to the efficiency of your operations and workflow. An amazing benefit of having an automated system, is that it can save floor space previously occupied by storage. Storage systems such as the Hanel Lean Lift and the Rotomat save up to 75% of floor space when compared to the other options on the market, such as standard shelving, which would typically take up more space horizontally and it would require other forms of machinery to retrieve items from the high shelves.

    A vertical storage system such as the lean-lift, can improve accuracy by 90% or more. No longer will you have to waste time on correcting errors, expired items, or overstocking/shortages. Which takes us to our next benefit – productivity.

    Since these system are automated, your productivity can increase tenfold. This is due to the fact that your staff can now retrieve items quicker. Also, it will require less people and equipment due the system delivering items at an ergonomic height, thus allowing employees to focus on other important tasks.

    Lastly, there are many security options available with the storage systems we offer. The most basic form of security is a lock & key system, which all the storage systems will have. For more protection/security there is the option to add additional security measures such as password access, keycard swipe or a RFID reader as increased security options.

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