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    Save Space, Use Vertical Storage

    Could your warehouse or facility use more floor space? Do you have equipment that could be stored in a more organized fashion? Many advantages come from using Automated Vertical Storage. Hanel Storage Systems offer premier storage products with the highest value. 

    With fixed shelving, space is wasted by the aisles between rows and the dead space between shelves. using multiple rows of shelving takes up valuable floor space, and using very tall racking requires ladders or lifts to access items and that can be a high risk for any employee involved. With risk comes cost. If an employee gets hurt on the job it could cost several thousands of dollars for your company. 

    Another waste…time. The time it takes to walk up and down those aisles, searching for the correct item or going back to replace an incorrect part takes up a lot of productive work time.

    The safety of employees not only using ladders but lifting heavy parts is put at risk when they must do it day in and day out. Automated Vertical Storage solves these major problems you frequently see in your industry. Storing your parts vertically really gives you that advantage of saving space and having a more open facility to work in. 

    Eliminating the space that is wasted between rows and shelves can free up to 75% of existing floor space for other uses and safety purposes in industries such as: manufacturing, healthcare, automotive, aerospace, military, and government. 

    The Features 

    One feature included in the Automated Vertical Storage Systems is the Advanced Hanel Controllers that keep accurate track of inventory to deliver the correct parts directly to the user. This saves an exponential amount of time and can reduce the risk of injuries when employees would previously have to lift every box that was being used. 

    With the controllers, parts are retrieved at an ergonomically-correct height to boost both speed and safety. 

    Think about this, you have a vertical lift such as the Lean-Lift or Rotomat that already saves you so much space in your facility. What if you had a system that brings you items with just a click of a button? Well Hanel products do just that. 

    Controls and Software That Set This Product Apart From Others 

    Hanel Storage units can be equipped with a microprocessor based controller that provides complete inventory management right at the machine. “Right at your fingertips.” There are multiple options that will fit your exact needs. Hanel offers a TFT color touchscreen to support options such as photo identification of the correct part number. This precise option saves you time and all happens within seconds after you click the button.

    You get your products from your vertical lift in a matter of seconds compared to having employees rummaging through aisles and walk-ways looking for a product physically and inducing risk of injury when they have to pick up heavier parts by hand and lift it through the facility.  

    For more advanced inventory tracking and remote web-based access, Hanel offers the HanelSoft Software package. Optional modules offer expanded capabilities such as access code management for increased security and barcode cross-check for accuracy. You get the right products in a timely fashion. 

    So Why Waste Time? 

    Are you someone that has the following shelves or aisles that seem to be wasting more and more time per day when a solution is right in front of you? 

    If you haven’t made up your mind yet, here are some downsides to what you currently have and what BSC can offer you:


    • Fixed shelves waste space
    • Searching wastes time
    • Walking wastes energy 
    • Shrinkage wastes money 


    • The Hanel Rotomat: Bring the goods to users not the users to the goods.
    • The Hanel Lean-Lift: Design enables up to 60% more storage capacity by using available room height. 
    • Save money and valuable space

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