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    Our Automated Storage Units come with a one year manufacturer warranty covering all labor and parts. Keep your Hanel Lean Lift or Rotomat in optimum working condition by choosing the right service agreement for you after one year is up.


    Check out your options for your Automated Storage Units


    Automated Storage Units Service Agreement

    Service Agreement

    -We offer first level priority scheduling for service

    -Includes 1 Preventative Maintenance check-up

    -All labor included for 1 year

    Priority customers receive a 4-6 hour turnaround time.

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    Preventative Maintenance Agreementpreventative maintenance agreement

    -Includes 2 Preventative Maintenance check-ups

    in 1 year Benefits of Preventative Maintenance

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    Break Fix Service Call

    Break Fix Service Call

    Customer pays per call as needed for parts and labor.

    Additional service agreementscan be arranged for any needs

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    Carousel/Lift Relocations:Carousel/Lift Relocations

    Check out more info on moving your

    machine to a new floor, room or building here.

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    Growing and need to add another unit:

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    Fire Suppression: Fire Suppression Image

    BSC’s automated fire suppression solutions

    protect valuable inventory and assets.

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    Automated Storage Units

    Totes/ Bins / Dividers for your unit:

    Check out the features & benefits of reusable

    plastic and VLM totes, bins, and trays.

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    Benefits of Preventative Maintenance:

    • Increase operational efficiency and realiability 
    • Extend useful life of your equipment 
    • Reduce the probability of equipment malfunctioning
    • Decrease costly downtime 
    • Decrease long-term repair expense 
    • Priority scheduling for service
    • Establish relationship with experienced, service oriented professionals


    BSC has certified and trained technicians on automated storage units to install and repair all the equipment we provide. The manufacturer requires a certified technician to relocate and repair the units to keep the machine under warranty. Our installation crews are experienced professionals in storage systems. Our installers comply with OSHA standards. We are an insured and licensed contractor in all of our locations.