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    BSC Pallet Wire Decking Maximizing Inventory Storage

    Jan 28, 2019Blog, Wire Decking

    Smart pallet rack storage starts with safety, strength and reliability. Wire Decking helps you store materials, components and products correctly and saves you money as you no longer have to worry about your products falling through. Pallet Rack Shelving is just the first step – you have to take into consideration the types of decking you need to properly store your inventory on those beams. Some wire decking styles such as: bar grate decking and corrugated decking help keep your shelving in tact. The pallet rack beams may stand and hold steady in your warehouse but the wire decking is what holds that inventory and keeps it from damaging or hurting your employees. Wire decking comes in many shapes and forms such as:

    • Standard U-Channel: This is a waterfall design with standard U-Channel to fit common step beams.
    • Flared Channel: This wire decking is a waterfall design with flared channel for box or structural beams.
    • Inside Waterfall: This design leaves the beam face unobstructed for labels and barcodes that can make inventory count easier for your employees.
    • Inverted Channels: These wire decking systems are designed to prevent collection of dust and debris inside the channel which in turn, keeps your inventory protected and clean.
    • Flat Flush: This decking system is designed for hand stacked loads and order picking which fits inside load beams.
    • Up-Turned Waterfall: This wire decking system is built in backstop to prevent product from being pushed too far. For example, you may be using a fork lift to store inventory and with this up-turned waterfall decking system you’ll know exactly where to stop if you can’t get a good view so your inventory won’t fall off the other end.

    The Benefits of Wire Decking

    Wire decking can save you money in many ways. Some may include the following:

    • Less loss and waste due to damage and parts falling off of unstable racks
    • Efficient use of existing space and added rack square footage
    • Utilizing a better organizational method such as: FIFO – first in, first out

    Wire Decking that provides strength, durability, cleanliness, and efficiency

    Wire decking whether it be flared/universal, inverted channel, or custom wire decks allow companies to better use and manage the valuable storage space in your racks. You can maximize the value of your inventory and put all your storage space to good use. Wire decking also allows you to increase your storage space exponentially.

    When you store your inventory you may be concerned with the weight limit as some products are much heavier than others. Step wire decks provide exceptional strength and safety. They are designed to work with standard industrial racking systems and provide you proper strength for your boxes and containers. The rugged steel construction creates a flat and resistant surface for even-weight distribution. This wire mesh style reduces the weight of your decking compared to solid panels and allows for more stacking in your racks.

    Flared and universal wire decking is built with a thick wire and sturdy welds to combine different racking equipment to allow for a more versatile structure.

    Inverted channel wire decking keeps your storage decking clean. Like I mentioned above, certain materials and situations call for clean storage that can eliminate dirt and moisture accumulation. Inverted channel wire decking has inverted U-channel supports that prevent dust, dirt, crumbs and other debris from collecting. This would especially be necessary for inventory going to a healthcare facility. Pertaining to the wire mesh panels, the mating sits flat against the support channels while allowing for even weight distribution. This structure enables you to maximize your entire decking surface.

    Talking in more detail about all the types of wire decking we offer, another is inside waterfall decking. This type of decking provides one of the cleanest and most seamless appearance for your industrial racking. The wire decking design includes strong and sturdy v-shaped support channels, as well as decking that fits within the interior dimensions of your racking, which prevents it from extending over the edge. Like I mentioned, if you can’t see where you’re placing your inventory, maybe your shelving is higher and you’re using a forklift, the decking has a lip that will stop your inventory from falling off the other side.

    Our Wire Decking can be customized to fit your needs

    Our preferred suppliers of industrial wire decking solutions, which help improve safety, efficiency of various pallet rack systems. The high strength steel construction provides excellent surface for varying size loads.

    Wire decking is easy to install, requires minimum maintenance and is more durable than wood.

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