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    Do you handle rolls of carpet on a daily basis in your industry? Are you constantly having to do manual labor to get them unrolled and rolled back when not needed? Are they organized in a way that allows you to find the specific roll in a short amount of time? Are you walking up and down aisles trying to find the exact roll needed wasting valuable work time? BSC offers storage solutions for multiple industries and we fit them to your unique needs. 

    The Carpet Carousel 

    Specifically for carpet industries, Vidir offers a Carpet Carousel that allows you to store rolls of carpet in a vertical setting that gives you an exceptional amount of floor space. Working the vertical lift takes no training at all and allows you to retrieve a roll of carpet in a matter of seconds. 

    The lift allows you to use your excess space for other valuable items and gives you that organized space you’ve been looking for. 


    There are multiple advantages to having automated vertical storage systems in your facility. Have employees complained of injuries or back pain from lifting heavy carpet rolls? Do they have to manually carry it or take it off your current shelves? The Carpet Carousel allows the rolls to be moved vertically and by using the controllers and a push of a button you could have the exact carpet roll you need right in front of you in seconds. 

    We like to think of it as the product comes to the user, not the user goes to the product. We want retrieval access to be simple and quick and the Carpet Carousel does just that. 

    Business Systems and Consultants, Inc. has worked with companies across the southeast for several years and believe in the highest valued products. We want to help you enhance your productivity and reduce the risk of injuries and save you money. 

    Contact a local BSC representative at 205-988-3300 to learn in detail about the Carpet Carousel and other automated vertical storage systems that could help your company tremendously.