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    BSC offers many storage solutions to fit all your companies needs. We start with a consultation, help you design, install and maintain your equipment, and if you ever decide to relocate your companies office or offices we help with that too.


    The start to every project. It always starts with a face-to-face conversation. The first step in delivering the most valuable high-density storage solution is figuring out your unique storage space and how our products and solutions can benefit you the most. We’ll evaluate your space, examine what you plan on storing, and talk with those who deal with that storage space daily.


    You’ve thought about you storage space, we’ve consulted you about your exact needs and now it’s time to design the most valuable plan to develop a winning storage space. Continual communication with your team helps determine the finished result will meet all end user’s needs.

    Installation & Maintenance 

    Now you’ve got the space you need and the state-of-the-art storage space for your products. When delivering our most valuable products to you we include installation for every company individually. We are committed to delivering excellent storage solutions. As we offer high-density storage solutions such as: industrial shelving, mezzanines, pallet rack, vertical carousels, vertical storage lifts, weapons storage, etc. Some of the products need yearly inspections and may need some maintenance to continue providing exceptional performance. Don’t let the value of your storage solutions decrease, call a BSC representative for more information on preventative maintenance.


    As your company continues to grow, a move might be in your future. BSC offers relocation for all your storage solutions. We can move anything from file carts to vertical carousels.