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    At BSC, we take your storage projects and provide the most efficient solution that fits the project requirements. Our customized solutions are efficient and space saving. If it’s in your organization and you can touch it and retrieve it using less space and time than you ever thought possible.
    Our goal is simple. To help you better help your clients and to make your life a little simpler. We consult with you and or your client determining how much and what they have to store and design the best application.
    Here is a list of just a few things we can help you with:
    • Storage Solutions
    • Work Space Storage Solutions
    • Weapons and Evidence Storage Solutions
    • Shelving and Cabinet Solutions
    • Laboratory Furniture
    • Warehouse Storage Solutions
    • Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems
    You can read more about the Division 10 shelving solutions by viewing the digital binder below.

    Click here to view BSC’s digital binder!

    We believe in our customers value and use four words to describe BSC’s customer commitment: Quality. Efficiency. Capacity. Versatility. We pledge to customize our high capacity solutions to fit your needs. We help benefit you to our fullest potential.

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