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    Why should schools invest just as much in storage systems as they do in educational technology?

    Technology has infiltrated every part of the education system. Almost all schools use the Internet and other forms of educational technology as part of their instruction. According to the U.S. Department of Education, around 75% of teachers report educational technology benefits their students. Many schools lend out computers and tablets to students. Projectors, smart white boards, laptops, tablets, and digital cameras are just a few kinds of devices being used in classrooms. This has lead to great success, and a rise in test scores in some school districts. However, many schools are also experiencing overwhelming expenses from device damage, theft, maintenance, and tech support.

    An important factor in preventing these losses is having a proper storage system to implement school wide. Teaching students to care for and properly store devices can be the key to reducing technology related expenses. A proper storage method should go hand-in-hand with the school’s technology budget.

    Kids will be kids- even with expensive technology in their hands. It is easy for items to get cracked, spilled on, or misplaced. Today, preschool age children are handling educational technology in the classroom. Start teaching students early about the importance of caring for equipment. Have storage systems put into place that are accessible for children, but safe and secure to prevent loss.

    With so many students moving from classroom to classroom, keeping track of each piece of technology is a challenge for many schools. Think about how easily small cords and accessories can get lost in the chaos. Busy teachers face many challenges in keeping track of technology in addition to their students. Implementing a solid inventory management system into technology carts and central storage can help both students and teachers stay organized.

    Without a dedicated place for each device or accessory, equipment is much more likely to be damaged or stolen. Schools can teach students good habits to protect their investments. When planning for your next technology purchase, remember to include storage for devices and equipment. BSC offers a wide variety of mobile and stationary storage units designed with durability and security in mind. We have storage solutions to fit any need. Set your school up for success with storage solutions from BSC.