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    Employee Lockers & How They Can Optimize Storage Space

    Jan 4, 2019Blog, Lockers

    BSC has seen first hand how employee lockers can provide such great storage solutions and organization within a company. We partner with multiple vendors to give our customers a variety of products to choose from while also offering customizable solutions to fit your specific needs. Today we’re going to talk about some of the specific styles of lockers and how they can benefit your business and employees.

    Our partners line of metal storage employee lockers optimize space and provide employees with a streamlined, personalized space to store their items. Some of our lockers consists of Standard storage lockers, C-thru lockers, and Ventilated storage lockers.

    Standard Storage Employee Lockers

    Standard Storage Employee Lockers Standard storage employee lockers are available in single tier, double tier, triple tier and box locker styles. The 16-guage welded door frame supplies added rigidity. Contemporary styled louvers allow ventilation for contents. The receased handle design on single, double, and triple tier units securely latches the door for safety and security. Full length steel door stiffeners add rigidity and dampen noise. Knuckle hinges offer added security and a longer lifespan. All units also come available assembled or can be requested to not be assembled as some customers like to assemble these parts themselves.

    C-Thru Storage Employee Lockers

    C-thru storage lockers are available in single, double, triple tiers and also box lockers. The acrylic door panels allow visibility of locker contents. All come equipped with 16-guage welded doors and door frame supply added rigidity. The secure acrylic door panels are positioned in steel channels and riveted to maintain the door’s integrity. The recessed handle design on single, double and triple tier units is vandal-resistant.


    C-Thru Employee Lockers Ventilated Storage Employee Lockers

    Ventilated storage employee lockers are perforated storage lockers to ensure that your items have maximum ventilation while providing complete visibility to its contents. All come with 14-guage doors supply excpetional durability while the 16-guage welded door fram and body provides added strength. They also include knuckle hinges that offer content protection and longer lifespans. The recessed handle design on single, double and triple tier units is also vandal-resistant.

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