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    “A fire suppression system is a group of units that extinguish fires through the application of a substance. Most commonly, a fire suppression system has built-in components that detect fires at the beginning stages through heat, smoke, and other warning signals. These are on an alarm system that will alert you when the fire begins and initiate steps for action to further suppress the fire. The majority of fire suppression systems will automatically release the application of an external substance to extinguish the fire after the detection and/or alert.” – Keystone Fire

    At BSC, we offer fire suppression systems for your Vertical Storage Lift Systems (Lean Lift) and Vertical Carousels (Rotomat). An automatic fire suppression system allows for fires to be exhausted before they can spread & become a problem. These systems eliminate costly damages that are made due to fires.

    These systems act as sprinklers or extinguishers to ensure whatever you have stored in your VLM is safe. Even in times with no power these systems will still be able to protect your items. This is due to the fact they don’t require electrical power to operate.

    We offer fire suppression systems that are automatic, as well as, small & compact. They are perfect for small/enclosed spaces. Also, we understand the need for specialized solutions based on your specific needs. For example, each industry will have different types of fire which will require a specific and unique solution.



    Fire classification is reliant on the fuel causing the fire. Different categories of fire require specific extinguishing agents. For example, a wood fire is put out with water. Whereas a grease fire will be worse with water and will need a special solution. Therefore, a fire suppressant that works well in a library wouldn’t be suitable for a commercial kitchen.

    Fortunately, these automatic fire suppression systems are compatible with a variety of extinguishing agents. Including clean agent, dry chemical, and foam. This means their installation is suitable for a vast number of applications & industires.


    How Fire Suppression System Works

    When the system registers a temperature spike that indicates a fire, it releases an extinguishing agent to eliminate the fire at the source. Therefore, the amount of damage will decrease or not be prevalent at all. Moreover, these systems have better suppression capabilities than other systems. This is due to the fact that they operate directly inside the hazard areas, where people aren’t present.

    Benefits of Fire Suppression Systems:

    • Easy to use
    • Require little training to maintain effectively
    • Don’t rely on electrical power, control panels, or battery backups
    • Highly effective
    • Reliable
    • Minimal components

    Why Choose BSC?

    Firstly, BSC is a leader in high-density storage solutions and scanning services. Secondly, we work with all the industry’s best manufacturers to bring you the most current and useful technologies and systems. Contact us today to discuss our fire suppression systems in more detail, or you can request a quote if you’re interested in obtaining one of our fire suppression systems.