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    Medical records, microfilm, and other kinds of media are extremely vulnerable to environmental damage, fire, corruption, or theft. These events can be detrimental to a business, especially in hospitals and medical facilities. Fireproof storage systems provide protection against unexpected events like these. BSC offers fire suppression systems that can even be implemented in Kardex Mobile Systems and Lekritrievers. We also install Modular Fire Vaults. These vaults can withstand over 2000 degrees Fahrenheit, while also protecting against environmental elements that cause severe damage to records such as vapor, dust, humidity, and fire.

    Modular Fire Vaults

    The modular fire vaults can be installed in upper floors, and are lightweight and flexible so they can be moved, and not exceed floor weight limits. These modular units are three times stronger than normal building construction, and can be easily added to your facility. 

    In the modern day, information protection should be your top priority in your business. It is always important to have a solid plan to protect your vital records from unexpected events or environmental wear and tear. BSC is dedicated to providing you with a customized solution for your storage needs. Call us today to learn how you can fireproof your vital records. (205) 988-3300

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