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    The Generation II (G2) military-grade weapons storage rack is the newest addition to an extensive line of weapon storage products perfect for Law Enforcement, Government, Military, and more!

    The G2 Weapons Storage Rack is made with high quality, heavy-gauge steel. The racks design is efficient in storing weapons, gear, and other equipment.

    Why The G2 Weapons Storage Rack

    • 16 Gauge Fully-Welded Steel
    • Shelf Weight Capacity of 300 lbs
    • Feature Newly Designed Back Panel
    • The Panel Supports a Wide Range of 14 Gauge Steel Components
    • 36″ or 42″ wide
    • Manufactured at Various Heights
    • Rack Can Bolt to Wall Studs, Side-to-Side, Stacked
    • Compatible with Datum Mobile Trak Systems

    “When Datum designed the G2, flexibility and durability were important factors taken into account. A lot went into designing components that would properly seat a variety of weapons, and the new barrel saddle has a sling retention design to keep things neat and to prevent the slings from snagging the weapon next to it. These careful designs make weapon retrieval easier and safer and help prevent damage to the weapon or weapon attachments.”

    Gary Myrick, Military and Law Enforcement Sales Manager at Datum

    Also, the new G2’s design provides maximum flexibility for weapon storage. A newly designed modular base easily accommodates rifles and crew-served weapons, also it provides additional stability. More new Features of the G2 include:

    • Sling retention component to prevent snags during weapon retrieval
    • Bi-fold doors that don’t recess into the cabinet to increase the weapon rack’s storage capacity.
    • A hinged-door option is also available.

    Datum also manufactures the G2 Weapons Storage Rack in the U.S.

    Custom Solutions for Weapons Storage

    BSC can create a custom weapons storage plan that fits the exact size and needs of a facility. Our weapons storage racks allow our clients to use their limited space efficiently while maintaining a high level of security over all firearms, ammunition, and other gear. If you’re ready to upgrade your weapons storage, please contact us to discuss a customized plan.