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    Hanel Advantages Lean Lift Vertical Lift Module

    Feb 6, 2019Blog, Vertical Carousel Storage

    Have you thought about the overhead space you might be wasting when using traditional storage systems such as rack systems? Business Systems & Consultants work with optimum partners to provide efficient storage solutions with automated storage and retrieval systems. One in particular offers Hanel advantages lean lift vertical lift modules. The lean lift gives you an opportunity to utilize the overhead space of your work place so you have more room for inventory and products. The lean lift machine rotates your products in a ferris wheel movement bringing your items directly to you and you employees giving you overall higher productivity times as well as exceptional safety for employees who would potentially injuring themselves reaching for products in a traditional storage system.Advantages of Leasing Business Equipment VS. Buying lean lifts

    Multi-functional Hanel Advantages Lean Lift

    • The machine framework is the strongest design around rated to carry 132,000 lbs.
    • Height modifications are made with solid butt joints and plug welding for unsurpassable strength.
    • Slot walls eliminate fixed location assignments and the need to manually make changes at any time.
    • Multi-function containers feature plastic slides, integrated handles and galvanized steel construction.
    • A continuous support edge is formed into the container giving strength and preventing distortion.
    • Plastic slider technology ensures smooth operation.
    • Slots can be in different inch steps, with an additional inch step available on the pans for flexibility.
    • Containers are extracted from the sides for greater precision and hold the container in place in the access opening.
    • Easy service access from the side with no bracing or guides to block inspection.
    • Roller chains offer low noise, greater durability and longer life with more load bearing capacity.
    • Chain is 98% efficient and does not require replacement at regular maintenance intervals.
    • Chain provides a non-slip hold in an emergency stop.
    • Safety light curtain allows fast cycle times with no waiting for an automatic door to proceed.
    • Four rollers on the outer edge of the transporter provide 4 points of support to avoid tilting.
    • Optional extended safety redundancy system ensures safe access.
    • Optional climate-controlled storage options for clean storage, humidity control and refrigeration.

    These are just a few of the many features and benefits ASRS systems such as the Lean Lift offer. The lean lift can be used in many industries such as: Healthcare, Manufacturing, Military, Public Safety, Contractors, Airbus systems (Aerospace), Athletics (Universities, K-12, Professional, etc.), Government (state, federal, county, city, etc.), Libraries, Museums, and more.

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