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    Extend the life of your equipment with a PM Agreement

    Spring Cleaning for BSC is doing PM checkups on your Hanel, Lean Lift, and Rotomat vertical units. Yearly maintenance is so important if you want to keep your automated storage system performing well long term. Do you have a Hanel Rotomat or Lean Lift that has not had a PM since last year?

    This PM check-up will help extend the life of the unit and help prevent future breakdowns as the units’ age. Think about it like an oil change you do on the car. Similarly, that is what we are doing on the automated storage units with our 21-point inspections. Furthermore, it is important to use a certificated Hanel technician so that any kind of warranty is not voided.  BSC has certified and trained Hanel technicians on staff.

    Is a PM checkup really necessary?  It is important to think about how often the unit is being accessed and how many shifts are operating.  In turn, this will determine how many times a year the unit should be inspected. The PM agreement (PMA) is to insure the customer that it is operating in productive condition, reducing downtime, minimizing maintenance costs, extending unit life, and insuring a safe environment.

    Overall, equipment covered by a preventative maintenance has a higher trade in and/or resale value than equipment that is not under maintenance.

    What We Do? 

    • We clean your equipment.  
    • Lubricate chains and mechanical parts and make minor adjustments as needed. 
    • Inspection of electrical chassis, wiring and safety items.
    • Make recommendations of next steps and review the analysis with you. 

    Why It’s Important

    It has become extremely important to keep present office equipment in peak running condition, as replacement costs have increased. With mechanical and electrical components in any machinery, wear and tear will cause breakdowns and delays in operation.

    Like a car, you constantly have routine oil changes to lengthen the quality and lifespan of your vehicle. To keep your storage systems from having breakdowns we suggest that you have us perform annual routine check-ups on ALL your Hanel storage solutions. Those machines have an exceptional amount of value; don’t lose that value when you can easily schedule your annually or biannual PM soon.

    Ask about Service Contract Agreements as well.

    Contact us to see how much a PM would cost for your location: (205)-988-3300 or