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    The Hanel Lean Lift can offer your organization efficiency & productivity. Here at BSC, we offer only the best products and services through our partners. One of our partners being Hanel, which allows us to offer our clients the best storage systems in the Southeast. Hanel produces the Lean Lift as well as the Rotomat. Both of these systems provide organizations with increased efficiency & productivity. Also with the Lean Lift, your storage items can now be delivered directly to your employees – at an ergonomic height.

    Relieve your workers from stooping or climbing to get items when utilizing the Lean Lift to store parts, inventory, and merchandise. Through relieving your employees of these conditions the risk of injury will also decrease drastically.

    This system can also reduce the floor space required for storage. The Lean Lift contains a vertical lift module(VLM) , which allows items to be stored vertically. This in turn reduces previously required floor space with traditional storage by up to 80%!

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