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    Since installing five Hanel Rotomats to store sterile Operating Room supplies and surgical instruments, Florida Hospital Altamonte has improved the quality of its patient care. The new system features inventory management that allows the staff to track items to ensure proper supply levels are maintained, and that items do not expire.

    Rotomats for Hospitals

    The Florida Hospital Rotomats also protect items from all kinds of contamination, because they are kept fully enclosed inside units and maintain sterility until they are needed in the OR. The highlight of the installation is a 26-foot tall Rotomat that stores approximately 850 wraps and containers in 60 square feet of floor space. The unit was installed in a shaft with the depth of 18 feet, into the floor below. 

    The Perfect Storage Made Just Right

    “In addition to having high-density storage within a small footprint, Florida Hospital now has their trays delivered at an ergonomically correct worktable height,” said Amy Flynn, OR/CSMarket Manager with Hanel Storage Systems. “Supplies are brought to the user, rather than staff needing to search for them. No one needs to walk through long rows of racks, stooping or climbing stepladders to reach items that can be heavy or awkward to lift. Those kinds of motions are bad for the back.”

    Florida Hospital Altamonte employs 2300 people and has the latest medical equipment, including innovative screening technologies, to provide comprehensive medical care. Located near Orlando, the facility attracts to many of the world’s top physicians and medical research professionals, and is part of a network of 27 hospitals throughout central Florida.