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    Hanel Storage Systems

    The Hanel Storage Systems include the Hanel Rotomat & Lean Lift. Customers enjoy a wide range of benefits from Hanel systems. Also, with many custom and software options available, a system can be developed to meet any need. All Rotomats and Lean-Lift however, share a few key benefits that make them ideal for so many applications.

    Hanel Rotomat & Lean Lift Benefits include: 

    Save Floor Space

    • Storing vertically frees floor space that can be used for more storage. It can also be used to bring in additional profit centers under one roof.

    Save Time, and Boost Productivity

    • The concept of “parts to the user” eliminates time-consuming walking and also searching for items and requires fewer operators

    Increase Inventory Security

    • All valuable inventory items are going to be secure within the Hanel unit, under lock and key. Also, with optional electronic restricted access.

    Improve Inventory Control

    • Hanel’s advanced microprocessor controllers and also their software options improve inventory accuracy up to 99%

    Enhance Operator Safety

    • Items are picked and placed at an ergonomically-correct height, therefore eliminating climbing ladders, stooping and carrying heavy items.

    Industrial Rotomat & Office Rotomat

    Industrial Rotomat
    The Industrial Rotomat Carousel

    The Industrial Rotomat Carousel is tough enough to install on the factory floor. Therefore, this saves time and reduce fatigue. It is also strong enough to store almost anything, from small parts to large sub-assemblies.

    Office Rotomat
    The Office Rotomat Carousel

    The Office Rotomat Carousel is based on the ferris wheel principal. Thus, the Rotomat Office Carousel stores item in carriers and these rotate within the machine to bring inventory directly to the user.

    BSC is proud to offer customized vertical carousel systems for storage, retail, and manufacturing applications. Firstly, please contact us to discuss your company’s specific requirements, and we will work with you to find an ideal solution. We guarantee careful installation and quick service for all of our vertical carousel products, ensuring operator safety, secure storage, and protection of factory warranties. We are pleased to partner with our clients at every stage, from design to installation to maintenance and check-ups.

    Hanel Lean Lift 

    Hanel Lean Lift

    The Lean-Lift is a vertical storage system with a small footprint and tall shelves. Storage shelves are located at the front and back. Materials/products go to storage in containers. Containers are going into storage in height-optimized positions. Thus eliminating the problem of dead space between shelves. The Lean-Lift uses a computer-controlled positioning lift called the “extractor.”

    Software tracks the exact positions of all items going into storage. Additionally the extractor automatically stores items in their designated container or retrieves them by delivering the correct container to a retrieval area. Items also will deliver at an ergonomically correct height.

    It’s easy to expand or rearrange storage, and initial installation of the Lean-Lift is straightforward.