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    Hanel Rotomat Carousels Storage Solutions

    Feb 6, 2019Blog, High Density Storage

    Hanel Rotomat Carousels mean innovative, flexible, cost effective, and complete optimization.

    Quality and Innovative Technology with Hanel Rotomat Carousels

    Innovation and performance, dynamics and ideas, along with new technologies have made Hanel one of the leading manufacturers of storage and automated systems. The Hanel Rotomat industrial carousel offers a flexible storage and provisioning system that works well with your asset storage needs. 

    60% More Capacity

    The Hanel Rotomat is an industrial carousel system that uses the available room or warehouse height available. Utilizing its compact design in nature, up to 60% of space can be saved in comparison to alternate storage systems. Warehouse space is oftentimes costly and is used in a more efficient manner.

    Time Efficiency

    The Hanel vertical carousel can bring the parts right to you in a matter of seconds compared to all the minutes you used to spend finding and locating an article or item.

    No more physcial stress:

    No more ladder-climbing or aisle-walking, stooping, stretching or leaning to look for and pick up parts, tools, or assets. The needed items are brought on demand to the optimum ergonomic retrieval height with an access point for easy picking.

    The compact design of the Hanel Rotomat enables up to 60% more storage area to be created on a minimal footprint by making use of the available room height.

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