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    For an efficient and safe work station, you need more than just a simple tool chest. BSC partners with Metalia to bring you the highest quality workbenches for your department. Why choose us for your work station needs?

    Workbenches Increase Efficiency and Profits

    When a technician has all the tools and supplies they need at hand, they are automatically more productive. These workstations are an excellent way to improve organization. The heavy-duty drawers can hold 440 pounds of any tool or accessory you might need. The search for misplaced tools is over, leading to less unproductive time spent, and higher profits.

    Better Workshop Environment

    Our industrial storage cabinets eliminate the mess of tools being left out on top of toolboxes or dusty shelves filled with a disorganized array of supplies. A clean, uniform workshop looks professional to both customers and staff. It helps keep employee motivation and morale up. Keeping shops as tidy as possible with the help of our work benches will impress customers and keep the working environment a positive place. Already having workbenches for every work station is a huge incentive for talented young technicians to come work for your company, as they do not have to invest huge amounts of money to purchase their own.


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