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    Despite the need for extra space, having off-site storage can prove to be a big investment. That’s why it’s important to make the most out of every inch of your off-site storage space. Generic storage racks don’t make the cut, often leaving entire shelving sections useless. Libraries, archives, universities, and the public safety sectors are turning to high bay storage systems from BSC to maximize their storage capabilities, so they can keep growing their records collections with no problem.

    Why High-Bay?

    High bay shelves are customizable. They can be adjusted in one inch increments without the use of a special toolkit to give the flexibility and freedom to organize the unit to meet any organization’s needs. High-bay units are specially designed to withstand the weight of large collections of books, boxes of paperwork, and anything else that may need extra space. One university has been able to store over three million books with just three units. The high-bay system can also be used in combination with our other smart solutions to specialize the storage capacity of the facility. Mobile carriages are often used as a complement to the high-bay system to take space efficiency to another level. Removing isles keeps the space clean and organized, while leaving space to expand collections in the future. With this cutting edge storage system, records are quickly and easily accessible.

    The high-bay is an industrial strength storage system made for universal application. It is not just limited to use in off-site storage of libraries, universities, and other agencies. The high-bay can be used by any business who wants the most space and cost efficient way to upgrade their off-site storage facility. This storage solution can also help with energy efficiency. Because of high-bay’s most productive use of space, this saves companies from using so much energy to light, cool, and heat unnecessary areas.

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