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    High Density Garment Carousels Maximize Storage Density, Efficiency, & Safety

    Nov 29, 2018Blog, High Density Storage

    Clothing is a necessity. BSC has a solution that involves high density garment carousels. Industries every day depend on clothing for day to day use and tasks. Some industries, for instance, High Schools and Colleges have theater departments that depend on garments for acts and performances. Today we are diving into discussion about high density garment carousels and how they maximize storage density and efficiency in the work place. How can these garment carousels benefit your departments and industries? How can they provide the utmost safety for each user?

    How Does the Garment Carousel System Work?

    First, we may want to know how the system works right? The garment carousel is a motorized vertical carousel used as a high density storage that organizes your garment in a vertical storage unit and when operating the system moves in a carousel rotation bringing your items straight to you allowing your employees to save you time and increase productivity. Think about this – how do you currently store clothing for the workplace? Do you find yourself taking up extra space for your garments or wasting time searching for items you need at a moments notice? The Garment Carousel is designed to hold a wide variety of garments to suite the needs of everyone.

    How this system utilizes overhead space

    The automated storage system utilizes vertical overhead space that would otherwise go unused. These storage systems can be installed anywhere: schools, businesses, retail stores, warehouses and more. It’s purpose is to maximize the cubic footprint while simplifying inventory management.

    Your High School and College Theater Departments Could Benefit From Garment Carousels

    As a high school theater prepares to perform their biggest Christmas play of the year they need to have proper storage for all old and new pieces of garment. One of the best ways you can keep up with garments needed is to have proper storage. The garment carousel provides an increase in the amount of garment you need to store giving schools the opportunity to store as many garments they may need for plays. Departments like the theater rely on their costumes to bring the play to life, if you don’t have proper storage and start losing pieces of those important garments, you may find yourself in a bind.

    Three Main Benefits That Can’t Be Beat

    Some benefits that come to action with the high density storage garment carousel include: increases in available storage, increased efficiency, and increase health and safety.

    Maximizing Storage With Garment Carousel Systems

    The Garment Carousel maximizes storage density by effectively utilizing overhead space for garment storage. This is accomplished by applying proven vertical carousel technology to achieve unparalleled garment storage within the allotted footprint.

    The Garment Carousel can be equipped with our inventory control solutions which greatly reduce retrieval times and picking accuracy. The system consists of our inventory software solutions, a sophisticated touch screen controller, bar code scanning, and a pic-to-zone system. This carousel add on is ideal for large warehouses and can greatly help with order picking and fulfillment.

    The Garment Carousel also provides health and safety to those affected by man to goods systems where employees have to risk themselves from searching, reaching, and bending to get garment that could otherwise be retrieved from the push of a button. It operates from a perfect height that keeps people from having to reach or bend to grab a hold of needed items.

    Check it out for Yourself and Contact us For More Information!

    Check out a video below for a quick demonstration of how the garment carousel operates.

    Business Systems & Consultants have worked with many industries and have helped maximize storage and efficiency with high density storage systems. Check out our brochure for some insights on the Garment Carousel. Contact a local BSC rep for more information at 205-988-3300. We’re ready to help!