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    High Density Mobile Storage Shelving is useful in every industry. These storage units are versatile and can be incredibly beneficial for all organizations.

    Industries that benefit from Mobile Storage Shelving:

    • Healthcare
    • Athletics
    • Manufacturing
    • Aviation
    • Laboratories
    • Automotive
    • Law Enforcement
    • Military
    • & More

      In healthcare, you can utilize this storage shelving through storing spare equipment, as well as maintenance tool storage in a range of large to small compartments and integrated shelving systems.

      In athletics, such as football, these storage systems can increase your available storage by up to 50%. Through these systems, gear and clothing is able to be stored and organzied, keeping it off of the floor while it is still easily accessible.

      military locking systems


      In the military, this system offers amazing storage solutions. Through these systems bases can store a variety of equipment and gear such as – clothing, footwear, canteens, helmets, and tactical equipment, and even duffel bags.

      Other industries such as, manufacturing, aviation, automotive, etc. can also greatly benefit from the systems. For more information on how this storage system benefits the industries listed above, head over to our high density mobile storage systems page.

      Through BSC you can acquire a mobile shelving storage unit for your organization. At BSC, we offer high-density mobile shelving systems that can be configured with either electrical OR mechanical assist. Also, these systems can come in custom designs to fit your unique applications & spaces in your building. Lastly, no matter the industry, these systems will always dramatically increase your available storage space. Allowing any organization to get their storage items under control.

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