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    Your Space May Be Limited 

    Hospitals are suppose to be one of the cleanest and safest facilities around right? What do you do when you have hospital beds stored in the hallways of your facility? Do you cram them in the storage closets that already hold extra equipment? Business Systems and Consultants, Inc. has a solution that could save you an exceptional amount of time and money. Oh, and would eliminate the hazardous environment caused by beds being left in hallways and spare rooms.

    Hospital employees value the comfort and well being of each and every patient that walk through there doors. In some facilities, excess numbers of beds can cause storage problems – which leads to concerning safety issues. When storage is essential and space is limited, the Vidir Bedlift is the perfect prescription.

    What’s The Solution?

    Clear hallways and empty crowded storage and maintenance areas – what could get better than that? The Vidir Bedlift increases storage capacity by 70% and that’s without building or adding new space. You can simply use the space you already have to create the ideal combination of efficiency and efficacy for hospital bed storage. There are many options for your facility and the bed lifts can be used side by side for facilities with an increased amount of bed inventory.

    Side loading unit for hallways and narrow access areas

    Standard bed unit

    Narrow unit for stretchers, gurneys, operating tables, mattresses










    Check out this innovative, space saving vertical storage solution for storing hospital beds.


    Some common bed storage challenges faced by hospitals:

    • Hospital beds contain more than just a mattress, they contain multiple electrical components that are not always up-to-date. Oftentimes 10% of all hospital beds are in maintenance. The average cost of a hospital bed is about $4,000, so beds are rarely thrown out, rather they are pushed aside and wasted.
    • Some cities like Birmingham or Nashville require a higher number of beds to meet the percentage of population within the city. This count may be greater than the square footage that the hospital allows. Excess amount of beds are then placed out of reach of patients because their is no extra room for the bed to be in the main parts of the hospital.
    • Hospital beds are not like beds you buy at a sleep number store, they require much more space.
    • Beds weigh as much as 900 pounds. They can be maneuvered but usually end up restraining access to other stored items. An entire room may have to be shifted around to take in such bulky items.

    Consider a Hospital Bed lift for some of the following reasons:

    • Inaccessible floor space is turned into usable square footage.
    • This product is automatic and easy to use.
    • The beds are secure and protected, reducing the risk of damage.
    • Inventory can be found faster and easier because beds can be stored in centralized areas.
    • Fire hazards are reduced because beds are no longer sitting in hallways and busy walk-ways.
    • You get the clean and safe hospital environment all staff members want.

    Let BSC help make your healthcare environment safe and welcoming for all staff members and patients. Call us at 205-988-3300 to get more information on vertical storage for bed lifts.