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    How Movable Shelving & High Density Storage Has Progressed Over Time

    Oct 31, 2018High Density Storage, Shelving

    Shelving as a high density storage and proper organization for many industries has been around for quite a while. It’s come a long way from where it started. Shelving has become so easy to install and manage that even the most complex movable shelving and high density storage can be of use in your facilities. So what’s the story of the progress that these shelves have made over time? Let’s dive in and check it out.

    Static & Mobile Shelving

    Static shelving was the popular option to store books and papers until the 1950s, which were arranged facing a central corridor. A lot of space was used up to keep these shelves up and in proper placement to store the proper items. The introduction of mobile shelving was designed to reduce the aisle space, as well as maximizing shelving space. Shelves such as the mobile shelving and static shelving were not always easy to adjust as they were once placed into proper position with wires and pulleys during the post war. Another development was created during this time where chains were used within a floor track to properly hold the shelving and they could be moved by cranking a handle at the end of the cabinet. Later, the chain was replaced with a drive cog mounted onto a track in the floor. This sounds pretty intense doesn’t it? In the 1970s consumers saw a large number of mobile shelving systems installed in places where space was at a premium. This desire to be space efficient was driven by high rents in cities. Around this time, new technologies such as electrically-assisted mobile shelving and anti-tilt devices became standard. Static shelving and 4-post shelving have always been the classic storage solution for libraries, offices, evidence rooms, healthcare facilities and even maintenance areas. 4-post shelving is a step above ordinary static shelving because it can accommodate for a wide array of media formats and include accessories like pullout reference shelves and file drawers.

    High Density Storage at Present Time

    Today, high density storage have solutions that increase available space in existing facilities by two to three times. Mobile shelving units, sliding shelving, double-sided rotary filing systems, and mobile art rack systems are all simple to install and maintain the highest quality to keep your products secure and valuable. athletic equipment storage BSC partners with multiple manufacturers to provide mobile shelving, movable shelving, and high density storage that have maximum storage capacity solutions for challenging spaces. Libraries, museums, evidence rooms, public safety departments, healthcare facilities, pharmacies, and more have seen great results with our high density storage solutions. These storage solutions can significantly increase storage capacity in a smaller footprint. We all want more for less right? High density storage can save so much space in your facilities and you’ll soon find that you have more space for other inventory.

    Some benefits of high density storage and shelving include:

    • Externally adjustable chain tensioner that eliminates the need to move end panels for adjustments
    • Innovative, grout less recessed track system that can be built into the floor
    • End panels that can be matched according to your company’s colors and decorations
    • Powder coating that eliminates daily wear and tear
    • Aisle locks to prevent rolling of shelving while in use

    One of our partners, Datum, has several cases that provide problems industries such as Libraries and Museums had with their storage and how shelving and high density storage became the best solution for their storage needs. You can check out one particular case here where Glatfelter Memorial Library found that their volume of books were increasing and they needed somewhere to store them. Datum provided 4-post shelving to provide ease of use and extra storage that still gave the library room for other products within their industry. BSC believes that having the best quality in shelving and high density storage such as: static shelving, 4-post shelving, movable shelving, mobile shelving and more are just the beginning of having proper storage solutions in your facility. We offer multiple options for shelving and offer a free initial consultation to come to your facility and see what kind of space you have and help you find the perfect high density storage and shelving for your business. We believe in helping you even after the installation as we offer relocation and maintenance on our storage products. Contact a local BSC sales representative at (205) 988-3300 or email us at for any further questions you may have pertaining to your storage solution needs.

    Check out our video of Movable Shelving for a quick preview of the features.