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    What would you consider the purpose of a locker and cabinet storage to be? When I think of a locker or cabinet – big or small – I think of secure storage space. Lockers are meant for storage, security, easy retrieval, personal privacy, better organization within the workplace, etc. How could this secure storage benefit users in an industry currently using shelving and racks to store weapons, parts, clothing, etc.?

    When storing weapons, clothing, sterile supplies, parts, etc. you want to have the ability to secure all items in that storage unit and be able to retrieve it just as quick. You have the ability to only allow certain employees access to the storage, and the storage gives you extra space and organization within your facility. You can gain better security and productivity when using lockers and cabinets in just about any industry.

    We provide lockers for any and all scenarios. We want you to have the best storage solution to fit your needs. The following lockers and cabinets are just a handful of many options available: Arch Lockers, Exp & Dep Doors & Slides, Locker Series F70, Z Locker, Tactical Locker, Sport Locker, Mini Lockers, Token or Coin Lockers, 1-6 Tier Lockers, Hockey Lockers, Athletic Lockers, Storage Cabinets, Wardrobe & Storage Combos, Standard Storage Cabinets, Latera Files, Plan Files, Custom Lockers, and Custom Cabinets.

    We partner with the best manufacturers to provide exceptional services and products for your company. We can customize your lockers and cabinets to fit according to your design. We start with a consultation to help determine what is in your best interest, help with designing (if wanted), and offer installation and relocation as needed. We are there every step of the way.

    Whether you work in areas of public safety, healthcare, Government, Athletics, Laboratories, etc. we can design and customize any locker or cabinet that will boost productivity and storage in your facilities.

    We provide services all across the Southeast including: AL, TN, FL, MS, GA, AR. If you’re in the area and are looking for storage lockers or cabinets contact a local BSC representative today (205) 988-3300 and we’ll help you get started.