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    When it comes to surgeries and protecting patients from harmful toxins and contamination’s, sterile equipment becomes a crucial aspect. Think about how much harm non-sterile supplies could bring upon a patient. How do you keep these materials free from microorganisms and safe for all patients? What kind of sterile storage solutions would benefit you most?

    vertical storage systems

    The Hanel Rotomat Vertical Carousel provides a sterile storage solution in which supplies are stored in effective barriers such as these sterile containers to keep from being damaged by moisture, soil, and physical touch.

    The Expectations 

    Many rules must be followed to properly store sterile supplies. Some include:

    • Sterile supplies should be at minimum 8-10 inches off the floor.
    • Supplies should never be stored near or on sinks.
    • Cardboard can never be used for storage containers.
    • Sterilized items should never be directly under an air vent as contamination’s run freely through them.
    The Hanel Rotomat 

    sterile storage solutionsAs these regulations may cause stress to some healthcare facilities, the Hanel Rotomat meets all of the criteria. To add, the storage units provide vertical storage that uses overhead space rather than floor space giving you more room to store other equipment.

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