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    We all know surgical instruments represent a significant investment for most hospitals. Although we are familiar with most instruments such as forceps and scalpels, other major instruments cost hospitals thousands of dollars. Replacing items at such a high cost like this can cause a major cut back in other expenses, in turn, making inventory accuracy such an important role in the healthcare industry.

    Inventory management systems provide accurate count allowing hospital staff to track the use and availability of these instruments. Not only that, effective inventory tracking reduces the amount of instruments being stolen or lost. If you could manage the rotation of these instruments between surgery, sterilization, and storage you could save your hospital a tremendous amount of money. 

    Tips for Better Inventory Accuracy 

    The following techniques can save you money and increase productivity in the workplace.

    • Keep track of the items in total being used rather than the amount each item is costing you.
    • Keep your supplies organized and efficient using FIFO (First In First Out) techniques and this will also help in managing how many supplies are being taken at each time.
    • Keep record of inventory to reduce the risk of error in the future and review it often.
    • If you haven’t considered an inventory management system, now is the time. Determine if your current method is supporting your industry and evaluate your process to determine if new procedures should be established.
    • Technology is always updating – maybe now is your time to update as well.
    So what is the solution to the above techniques? Vertical Storage. 

    Hanel’s inventory management options have a proven record to increase inventory accuracy to over 99%. You can save time from inventory overstock, shortages, and errors. Some options that this management opportunities offer are batch processing, date tracking, and security restrictions to avoid giving access to all employees.

    Hanel offers a software solution called HanelSoft that allows you to better manage items by expiration date, FIFO, most important, and most used. Barcode access also shortens the time for inventory check and keeps everything recorded.

    Rotomat vertical storage carousels in general are designed to increase efficiency of operators and gives them time to work on other tasks. Vertical Storage allows for overall effectiveness and an increase in overall productivity. If you want to see an improvement in your hospitals performance and gain more security for your inventory check out our healthcare storage solutions.