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    One thing many people seem to complain about is space. Whether there’s too much or too little – people are always concerned with the amount of space they have. Most often, people determine what to buy according to the amount of space they will receive i.e. cars, houses, offices, warehouses, laboratories, etc.

    Space is definitely a valuable asset to anyone in the work field. Industries like Automotive, Healthcare, Government, Military, Libraries, Museums, etc. are always looking for ways to free up space. Problems that occur with the loss of space pertain to the amount of time employees spend looking for parts or equipment that could otherwise be easily found in turn, dropping productivity. 

    How Vertical Storage Can Help

    Storage space is always at minimal supply. One of the best ways to solve this issue is to use the overhead space that otherwise gets left and wasted. Vertical storage occupies that overhead space and solves several problems: 

    • Existing floor space that was once used for storage parts or equipment is now free of space and can be used for other parts storage or gives you those free walkways you never had before. 
    • Allows your equipment and parts to be located closer to the work stations needing those items and creates a faster productivity setting in your workplace. 
    Saving Time Is Crucial 

    So many people don’t realize how much time is being wasted when searching for items or simply reaching for the item and rummaging through all the “stuff” to find one thing. If you sat down to think about how much time per day, per week, per month, you spend searching for something you’d be amazed to find that using a vertical carousel or lift that brings you the exact item you need to your fingertips saves an extreme amount of time. 

    Hanel’s Rotomat Is A Reliable Solution

    Hanel’s Rotomat vertical carousel was originally introduced to compress high-density office files into a compact footprint, but has quickly escalated into a storage solution for many parts, equipment, clothing, office equipment, etc. in all industries. 

    The Rotomat takes advantage of the full height of a room to save floor space, allowing facilities to store more in their existing space, compressing all that space into one or several vertical storage unit(s). Wasted walking and search time is eliminated saving you more time to complete your job or task throughout your day. 

    Rotomat vertical storage carousels were specifically designed to reduce the space necessary for storage and retrieval. You can now do so much more with the free space you’ve created using a vertical storage unit. Other benefits you see with vertical carousels or lifts are security and inventory management. Access is only granted to those with permission saving you the chance of stolen items or misplaced inventory. You can now keep track of inventory and save on replacements. What’s better than higher productivity, security, extra floor space, and inventory management in your workplace? You tell me.