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    Looking for an Interior Modular Warehouse Office in the southeast? BSC has you covered! We offer an array of interior modular offices, by partnering with Panel Built. These Interior Modular Warehouse Offices include Single Story Offices, Multistory Offices, Prefabricated Offices, Isolation Rooms, Fire-Rated Walls, Quick Ship Modular Offices, and Custom Projects.

    Modular Warehouse Offices:

    Single Story Offices – The perfect solution when needing a quiet office space that is also on-site. These, as well as many of our other modular offices, are customizable. Therefore, this is the perfect solution if you need an office with specific dimensions or other specificities. We will also deliver your office quickly & set it up, so it is ready to use in no time!

    Multistory Offices – Also customizable, these offices are the perfect solution if the floor of the warehouse needs to be monitored from the office. In these offices you will be able to look down & observe the warehouse in its entirety.

    Fire-Rated Walls – This is an additive to your custom modular office. Also referred to as the One Hour Fire Rated Wall, this feature will help ensure your office is fire resistant. “This specially designed fire resistant wall panel is composed of 5/8” Fire-Shield gypsum board with a mineral wool insulated core and held in place with 26 gauge galvanized steel studs. 20 gauge steel channel is in use to secure the wall panels and an optional steel skin may cover encase both sides of the panel.” – Panel Built.

    Quick Ship Modular Offices – These offices are a standardized version of the modular offices we offer. These offices are ready to ship immediately, thus “Quick Ship”. This is due to the fact that they are not custom, and are a basic model of a Modular Office.


    Benefits of Interior Modular Warehouse Offices

    There are many benefits of an Interior Modular Warehouse office, including:

    • Customization
    • Flexibility
    • Quick Ship & Install
    • Cost Efficiency
    • Temperature Control

    Why Choose BSC?

    Business Systems and Consultants is a leader in quality industrial storage, material handling, and modular office solutions. We are committed to outfitting our clients with modular offices and other storage solutions that meet the highest standards in innovation, safety, and quality. BSC has been offering outstanding service for over 40 years. Our experts will help you find the ideal industrial storage solutions for your needs.