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    Preventive maintenance, also called PM, helps ensure your newest equipment investment stays in top operating condition for as long as possible. This helps to make the most of the equipment’s lifetime value and the return on investment. Also preventive maintenance will help to mitigate the risk of unforeseen downtime.

    Investing in automated material handling solutions without planning for continuing maintenance costs is most comparable to buying a car and not changing the oil. Without proper maintenance your equipment will most likely need parts/repairs sooner rather than later.

    Companies investing in automated material handling equipment for their warehouses, food distribution facilities, manufacturing plants, automotive facilities, army bases, military bases, etc., don’t always think beyond the sale price or the anticipated benefits when signing a purchase contract.

    The failure to schedule and budget for a consistent, reoccurring preventive maintenance plan can impact a company’s operational budget. Especially when companies have to correct issues on an emergency or remedial basis.

    These unexpected costs lead to lost labor and revenue including but not limited to:

    • Downtime on the lines
    • Larger repair costs
    • Overtime labor pay
    • Delayed shipments
    • Late deliveries
    • Rush shipping
    • & more

    By planning for routine maintenance activities, you can minimize downtime on your Hanel or Kardex equipment. Also, no longer having to deal with the inconvenience of replacing rollers or whichever parts are worn out. Equipment can be evaluated on a regular basis and maintenance can be preplanned. This happens through having stock parts or ordering parts that are getting worn out in advance. It is risky to not investigate your equipment from time to time, because your rotomat could go completely down. While equipment is down you will have to inconveniently wait for a technician to come onsite, wasting time that could be spent on production.

    Most new Rotomat filing systems come with a year warranty and 1 hanel preventative maintenance check-up during that first year. After the first year, BSC offers Hanel service agreements and 2 Hanel PM Agreements.

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