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    How complicated can it be? We are just talking about metal Storage Cabinets, vertical lifts, high-density shelving, mobile carts, evidence lockers, weapons storage, pallet racks.

    Too many times storage solutions are purchased by looking at pricing and some basic information around capacity. Too many procurement operations purchase storage solutions by examining a couple of line items on an RFP. This practice can have far reaching impact on a business, its employees and customers. Storage is anything but simple as it is the flow of materials and information that is the life blood to operations everywhere.

    The bottom line: There is more to storage than meets the eye.

    Storage is serious business and is everyone’s business!

    Storage can mean the difference in meeting production goals in a manufacturing plant preserving jobs by maintaining profitability. Storage could make the difference in how effective our first responders are fighting a 5 alarm fire. OSHA looks at storage in terms of employee safety in the workplace. Workplace injuries and claims are often the result of short sited storage systems and material handling solutions. In healthcare it can mean that a life is saved; in criminal justice, it can mean that the “bad guys” are sent to prison; and in laboratories, it can mean a new cure is developed and approved.

    Proper planning and design take into consideration capacity forecasts, production workflows, security, structural load concerns, worker productivity, employee safety, fire prevention, and much, much more. Working with experienced solution architects from companies like Business Systems and Consultants should be a priority for anyone looking to re-think storage and take things seriously. These partners have 40 years of experience working in all industries and decades of training and don’t take storage or your safety lightly.

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