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    Preventing Laptop Theft with Laptop Carts for School Systems

    Feb 15, 2019Blog, Education storage

    Laptop carts for school systems offer a method of teaching for students. You can find laptops in almost every school system but problems with theft arise as some schools don’t have proper storage for these laptops. BSC has the perfect solution as products such as laptop carts offer security and efficient organization in classrooms and computer labs. We all know technology isn’t cheap so having proper storage and preventing theft is the best way to continue educating students with such great tools like laptops or tablets. 

    Laptop Carts for School Systems 

    Laptop carts offer proper storage for each PC, they can charge the laptops, and protect the laptops from being stolen with lock features. One product in particular: the TekCart GLC has a versatile charging cart for laptops and tablets that fits right into your classroom – and your budget. The TekCart GLC provides more capacity in a smaller footprint to give teachers more utility space in their classrooms. The laptop carts can easily be transported to other classrooms in the school building as many teachers are considered “floaters” because their may not be enough classrooms for the teachers and classes offered. 

    Security for Laptops 

    Computers and other devices can easily be stolen as these electronics become smaller and smaller each day. Imagine how much personal/business information can be stolen. Records such as financial information, customer databases, etc. could easily be taken. You may think firewalls and software security will save you but what happens if they take the physical laptop or tablet? Our partners provide physical security products for just about every electronic need: CPU’s, laptops, printers, A/V equipment, MP3 players, and more. With technology running full speed ahead into our classrooms and businesses, people find themselves in need of a way to transport, store and charge their laptops, tablets and netbooks in a secure, locked-down environment. 

    Small but secure products include: 

    • LapTop Carts: This is designed for use with virtually any full-size laptop. 
    • ClassMate Cart: This cart works with most mid-sized laptops and features an inside shelf for instructor use. 
    • NetBook Cart: The NetBook Cart features specifically designed shelves and dividers to work with mini laptops. 
    • LapTop Locker: With reinforced anti-pry strips, reverse hinging and three different lock options, the LapTop Locker is the laptop counterpart of the CPU Locker. 
    • LapTop Depot: Storing more than one laptop? No problem. The LapTop Depot stores and charges 5 laptops. It can be mounted or made mobile. 
    • LapTop Depot Cart: Have more than 5 laptops, but less than a cart full? We’ve got the LapTop Depot 8 or 10 to solve that problem.
    • TekStak: For the ultimate in laptop and personal electronic storage, we offer the TekStak which is available in multiple sizes, with or without charging. It’s perfect for storing an induvidual’s electronics in a public setting. 
    • CPU & Server Locker: The CPU Locker stationary, mobile, or mountable, is a great security solution for individual CPU towers. 

    Classrooms on wheels

    • Mobile Media Cart: A contemporary version of yesterday’s A/V cart, the Mobile Media Cart equipped by RM, is the latest in audio/visual transport. 
    • Mobile Computer Station: Many times, instructors find themselves without a permanent room, like mentioned above “floaters”, to they’re forced to take their classroom with them when the bell rings. With the Mobile Computer Station, everything becomes conveniently mobile and can be secured when not in use. 
    • Economy LapTop Cart: The Economy LapTop Cart is a budget-friendly solution for computer security and transport. This cart features storage for up to 16 laptops of any size and a storage shelf on the bottom great for storing peripherals. You also have the option of making it a charging cart by adding a 16 outlet power strip to the bottom storage shelf. 

    The LapTop Cart stores and charges laptops and other electronics. It deters theft and helps ensure the security of stored equipment as well as prevents access to IT configurations. Some features of the LapTop Cart include: 

    • Translucent tambour door design allows for visual inventory of stored items and access to contents while limiting admittance to the electrical components and timer in the rear of the cart. Retractable feature requires smaller footprint to open as compared to traditional hinged doors. 
    • Venting design allow for natural convective airflow to aid in cooling when doors are closed and lateral airflow when doors are open. 
    • The UL listed Timer Power Center includes an on/off switch, circuit breaker protection, and 96 cycle/15 minute setting intervals to provide charging for the cart. 
    • Rubber bumpers protect the cart as well as school property. 
    • Durable laminate top with rounded corners provides a hard, smooth working and writing surface, unobstructed by handles or metal lip. 
    • Grommet hole on laminate top allows access to internal power outlets, or can be replaced with optional Pop Up Power Center. 
    • Power management dividers provide a cord management solution by wrapping the power cords around the divider and are removable to facility the storage of other devices when all slots are not in use. 
    • Handle can be mounted to either side and does not interfere with the work area ontop of the cart. A second handle can also be added. 
    • Metal hinged doors can also be added to create a fully enclosed steel cabinet. Electronic lock included. 

    Whether it be for a public or private school system; elementary, middle or high school; colleges and universities – laptops are a great resource many schools are utilizing for teaching methods. To keep from reoccuring thefts or prevent thefts from occurring – consider laptop carts for efficient storage, organization, and utilization. Laptop carts are small and size and take up no space in the classrooms. 

    Business Systems and Consultants, Inc. is located in Birmingham AL and offer storage solutions all across the southeast including: Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, Florida and Georgia. 

    Contact a local BSC sales representative to learn about our products and solutions and help your facility and students gain efficient storaage solutions for continuing education.