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    Did you know that over 800 workplace deaths occur annually as a result of poor machine guarding?

    Also, another result of poor machine guarding is increased product damage or theft. It may cost thousands to repair or replace damaged machines and goods, so protect your employees and reduce product and equipment damage with our wire caging.

    Industries that can benefit from Wire Partitions:

    BSC can save you money, as well as provide the needed protection by offering a variety of wire partitions and caging for every industry’s needs.

    We have a complete range of solutions for guarding items in storage. Our secure storage products are the industry standard for customization, durability, and expansion.

    We understand that one size does not fit all which is why we offer options with welded wire, woven wire, metal expansion systems, and special locks.

    We partner with only the best to bring you the perfect solutions.

    Our partner, SpaceGuard, produces Wire Mesh Partitions.

    These wire mesh partitions have open mesh that allows for unrestricted light and circulation. Also their modular design is accessible for reconfiguration.

    • Inventory Control
    • Visual Management of Contents
    • 5S Organization through centralized, fixed storage spaces.

    Also, our partner BeastWire produces Mesh Guarding.

    This guarding has a variety of applications and uses including: welded wire cages, tenant storage lockers, pallet rack enclosures, infill panels, and more!

    • Heavy Duty wire mesh for long-lasting products
    • Flexible panels and custom panels
    • Protects personnel from costly injuries
    • Averts Theft

    Keep your employees protected and equipment undamaged.