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    Efficient Material Storage Solutions BSC Birmingham Alabama

    Mar 18, 2019Blog, Manufacturing

    Not having proper storage solutions for your manufacturing needs can be costly. BSC offers efficient storage solutions that will align with your unique workflow and production processes.

    The following products are just a few of the many we sell: 

    • Automated Storage Solutions: Hanel Lean Lifts and Rotomats
    • High Density Mobile Shelving
    • Pallet Rack Systems
    • Inplant Offices and Mezzanines
    • Wire Cages

    Automated storage solutions 

    Automated storage and retrieval (AS/RS) systems are a must-have for any warehouse environment. The digitally controlled systems ensure that your precious assets, stock, tools, and other items are perfectly placed and tracked.

    Lean-Lift and Rotomat mobile shelving solutions make use of vertical space and automated motion to ensure inventory control, as well as the physical safety of your staff. Items can be stored in a vertical matter and are brought into reach in a matter of seconds. This movement means no more ladders and no more repetitive stress injuries from bending or reaching.

    High density mobile shelving 

    Mobile systems are one of the most innovative and practical options you can have in your warehouse and can significantly improve your organization and storage capacity. The push-button style system allows anyone in large spaces to access inventory and parts quickly.

    Pallet rack systems 

    Pallet rack materials that are placed directly on racks via forklift are tricky to get right because dimensions must be perfectly aligned to the racks and forklifts as well as being sized for your shipping containers. 

    We create strong pallet rack systems in various designs to accommodate your unique size needs, and most of our models are adjustable to accommodate space and inventory changes in the future. All components are made with highly durable steel built to withstand even the heaviest of loads.

    Wire Cages

    Store tools and other valuable items in our wire mesh lockers that make for semi-visible storage areas in apartments, businesses, warehouses and more. Our wire cages offer a unique combination of flexibility and strength. They can be installed immediately and built to spec, with flexible configurations made to accommodate almost any need, even large-scale or weapons storage.

    Our material storage solutions address these specific issues:

    • Safety 
    • Space savings
    • Productivity
    • Inventory Control

    Consulting Services 

    Our expert team of storage experts take great pride in our ability to listen to your needs and apply our industry expertise to solve their most challenging space management issues. Our, industry certified, team is at your disposal to brainstorm with you and provide storage and material handling innovation that will provide the “cure” to your business challenge. No challenge is too big or too small for the BSC team.

    That’s why so many businesses rely on the expert storage consulting services of Business Systems & Consultants. Drawing on decades of experience in the storage industry, we help our clients make informed decisions on the best strategies for material handling in offices, warehouses, and other facilities. We can provide training, application analysis and make recommendations on the most cost-effective systems for your multimedia storage and asset handling requirements.

    Call BSC for a free analysis to help you improve efficiencies. Contact us at 205-988-3300 or because we are ready to help you.