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    When companies begin to outgrow their facility, the first option they look to is usually finding a new space to move to, or building an addition onto their existing space. However, companies should evaluate the advantages and disadvantages to all available options before making a decision. Usually, the option to make the most of their existing space is completely overlooked. Installing a mezzanine (building an additional floor above the facility floor) utilizes vertical space that was previously unused. This installation can double usable space in a facility. When making the decision to increase space, the main concern is the cost. Here are some factors that affect the cost of installing a mezzanine:

    Size and Height

    The larger the size of the mezzanine, the more materials needed to build the extra space, and the longer installation will take. This will significantly impact the cost to install the mezzanine. The height of the unit will also be a cost factor. The higher the deck of the mezzanine, the longer of a stair system you will need. Pounds per square foot are a major factor in the cost of a unit. Mezzanines can generally carry 125 pounds per square foot. To increase the PSF, more materials will be used to accommodate the additional load. However, these cost factors are minimal compared to the cost of renting out a brand new facility, or building an addition onto an existing facility.

    Design and Customization

    Most mezzanine structures come standard as a rectangular design to ease the installation and manufacturing process. However, the design of the mezzanine can still be flexible. Altering the shape of the structure has minimal costs involved. With each project, our team strives to provide the best custom solution to accommodate your specific space needs. Whether the mezzanine functions as a work station, conveyor platform, or storage space, there are specific features that need to be added for proper function. We have a large array of gate systems for each of these needs to increase the safety of transferring units on and off the platform. These unique features may impact the price of the mezzanine.

    IBC and OSHA Specifications

    The set of standards that guides the design and specifications of the mezzanine mainly impact the stair systems and hand railing. These codes sometimes require additional pieces to be added onto the hand rails, or increase in stair case width. This uses more materials in the manufacturing process, therefore slightly increasing the price.

    There are many factors that impact the cost of installing a mezzanine unit. In most cases, these costs and upgrades are significantly less than the cost of other options to accommodate space needs. BSC has 40 years of experience in helping clients make the most out of their space. We provide expert service to create a custom solution to fit any need. If your company has been contemplating the best solution to maximize space, talk to one of our reps today. (205) 988-3300

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