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    Military and Law Enforcement weapons storage is very important. This is because weapons should be stored in the most secure and durable storage solutions possible. Here at BSC, we have many safe and secure storage options to meet any and every need.  

    Military & Law Enforcement Weapons Storage:


    At BSC we offer many different types of law enforcement weapons storagelockers. For military and law enforcement. We offer weapons lockers, evidence lockers, tactical police lockers and more. Specifically there are TA- 50 storage lockers, which are great for smaller fire arms or equipment storage. We recommend the TA-50 solution for all of your small arms and heavy-duty equipment storage because they are highly secure yet versatile. These are also great because they not only keep the gear safe but also allow for easy access.

    Weapon Racks

    Weapons Storage RacksOur weapon racks can store a variety of weapons. Including: tactical gear, pistols, optics, rifles, and more. This storage option is meant to be used in a secure facility. The rack is an open design, for immediate retrieval in any scenario. Our weapon racks also protect the weapons during transportation. And the racks are space efficient, so they don’t take up much room, which allows more space for other equipment.

    Mobile Shelving

    Mobile shelving is one of our most popular storage options. This is because they have easy to move shelving & keep storage items organized. Also, a multitude of things could be store in our mobile shelving, such as reports, documents or items as shown in the photo to the left. Mobile shelving can also double your previous storage capacity, allowing more room to store more items.

    Security Cages/Wire Partitions

    wire security cageWire cages are perfect for storage because they are customizable, durable, and can expand. Wire Cages offer safety, security and felxibility. They are also a great solution for a wide variety of environments and applications. These cages can have a variety of wire, such as mesh wire, woven wire, and welded wire. These cages are completely customizable so you can choose the wire and size to fit your specific needs

    Custom Solutions for Weapons Storage

    BSC can create a custom weapons storage plan that fits the exact size and needs of a facility. Our weapons storage racks allow our clients to use their limited space efficiently while maintaining a high level of security over all firearms, ammunition, and other gear. If you’re ready to upgrade your weapons storage, please contact us to discuss a customized plan.