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    BSC is proud to partner with the U.S. Military to provide effective and efficient storage solutions. Here at BSC we have done many different projects for many different sectors of the the Military, most notably the U.S. Air Force.


    Storage Solutions for the U.S. Military include:

    • High Security Storage Lockers
    • High Density Filing Systems
    • Weapons Racks
    • Weapons Cabinets
    • Shelving, Racking, & Steel Mezzanines

    military locking systems


    We understand the importance of security within the Military, thus offering High Security Storage Lockers and High Density/Security Filing Systems. The Storage Lockers we offer are highly customizable and easy to configure. Also, these lockers can house anything from tactical equipment to clothing to duffel bags. The high density/security filing system is perfect for storing your sensitive documents, confidential files, personal items, or uniforms.

    Another storage solution we offer is weapons storage. If someone were to consider U.S. Military Storage Solutions, they would most likely think of weapons storage first. Weapons should be stored securely, and that is why we offer weapons cabinets & weapons racks with customizable locking systems. Depending on the security you desire, the locking systems include: hinge lock bars, security code or password access, copy-resistant electronic locking system, key-and-lock systems, and many more.

    Lastly, Shelving, Racking, & Steel Mezzanines have a variety of uses and are highly customizable. For example, all of these storage solutions would ultimately maximize the available space in your facility. Which would be beneficial to training and preparation within the facility. When you store items correctly with these systems, they are much easier to locate, therefore, time spent looking for items is cut in half.

    Overall, with our customizable storage solutions we can bring your base/facility an increase in security, efficiency, and effectiveness. Whether it is one or all of the solutions listed above, there will be great improvements in the workflow of your facility.

    Why Choose BSC?

    “BSC’s military storage solutions are designed with the highest safety as well as the highest security standards. Organize supplies and equipment & combine them with asset management technology. Which means that less time must be spent on inventory control. We are proud to partner with the military and proud of our solutions that support the military’s critical missions. We look forward to talking about the ways that we can help all branches of the military with our superior organizational and storage systems.”