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    Keeping mission-critical gear and supplies protected, organized and easily accessible is the key to operational readiness. Automated Vertical Storage Systems from Hanel Storage Systems allow you to store more and do more, with less.

    By storing vertically, Hanel units take up to 75% less floor space than shelving and racks, freeing that room for other uses. Goods are brought to the user, increasing productivity while reducing crew size. Advanced inventory management allows mission-specific jobs to be created and stored to increase speed and accuracy when packing for a deployment.

    Hanel units store items within an enclosed space with locking doors and user-level access control. This helps to protect inventory from environmental factors such as dust and provides a high level of security for weapons, optics, electronics and communications gear.

    The Hanel Rotomat and Lean-Lift are always built to the users exact specification to meet the needs of the mission.

    Hanel Helps Ensure Operational Readiness

    Hanel storage systems have been employed by the U.S. military and V.A. for use on bases, offices, hospitals and clinics from coast to coast. The efficiency of storing and retrieving inventory with a Lean-Lift or Rotomat improves productivity, allowing your unit to get more done, in less time, with fewer people. More productivity, less cost.

    The accuracy of the inventory control system, an integral part of every Hanel unit, reduces training time and helps to ensure that mission-critical gear is secure and ready when needed. Items can even be retrieved in a specific order to aid packing.

    History of the Storage Systems

    The Hanel Rotomat Vertical Carousel was introduced in 1958. The Rotomat uses oval tracks mounted in the sides of the unit to rotate a series of carriers within the machine. Dual electric motors and chain drive ensure plenty of power and reliability, while heavy-duty, 4-point carrier arms securely mount the carriers to the tracks. Carriers can be equipped with open shelves, slide-out drawers, bins, or customized holders, racks and trays.

    The Lean-Lift Vertical Lift Module is made up of 4 slotted “profile walls” with a vertical elevator shaft between them. Items are stored on individual pans which are sized to fit between the profile walls. The lift measures the height of each pan as it enters the unit and automatically stores it in the ideal location to maximize available space. Pans are delivered to an access point for easy retrieval.

    Keep Military Gear Stored and Ready To Go

    Military gear needs to be clean and safely stored for easy retrieval. The vertical lift keeps equipment and products stored easily and efficiently for quick access. All your products are accessible to you with a click of a button. Don’t waste time on other units that scatter your gear and misplace anything needed in a short times notice.

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