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    Mobile Work Centers Drying Cabinets Fume Hoods Laboratory Casework

    Mar 15, 2019Blog, Laboratory Casework

    Laboratories hold some of the most potent chemicals and materials. Without proper storage, potential accidents are prone to occur more often. These can be eliminated with laboratory casework services and solutions. BSC helps laboratory industries who have labs store their chemicals and materials efficiently. Some products such as: Mobile work centers, Drying cabinets, Fume hoods and ADA lab furnishings are exceptional storage solutions. We can help you custom design each product to fit your unique needs.

    Mobile Work Centers 

    There is nothing quite so important as laboratory mobile work centers which can be easily maintained – and then realigned as the needs of your lab change.  When one project or assignment ends, and another begins, our mobile work centers and lab casework allow your space to be efficiently utilized, no matter what the project work centers

    This polymer system creates flexible space enhancing lab productivity and space efficiency. Microban antimicrobial protection inhibits the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria, keeping surfaces cleaner between cleanings in your work center areas.

    BSC also has comprehensive offerings of warming cabinets, fume hoods, flexible lab furniture to accompany your mobile work centers. Our success with our products stem from our ability and dedication to understand the changing needs of our clients. 

    Drying Cabinets 

    The mild steel components of our drying cabinets are finished in powder-coated pain. The door is anodized aluminum with 1/2″ twin pane tempered low-e safety glass. The upper and rear heated surfaces of the drying cabinets are made of stainless steel as well as the shelves. The temperature in all drying cabinets is controlled by a user adjustable solid state temperature controlled. drying cabinets

    Laboratory Fume Hoods 

    Laboratory fume hoods, cupboards or enclosures are extremely critical pieces of safety equipment in most laboratory environments. These units protect technicians, scientists, researchers and others from inhaling toxic or hazardous chemicals, compounds or dust. They are useful in maintaining separation between the lab’s air supply and that of the rest of your facility. There are a wide variety of hood types available, each designed with a specific need in mind. Laboratory fume hoods

    BSC has benchtop, ducted, ductless, ADA, walk-in, perchloric acid, radioisotope/biochemical, auxiliary air fume hoods and flex hoods. Our chemical exhaust laboratory fume hoods meet or exceed SEFA 1 standards. We are also UL 1805, ASHRAE 110-1995 and UL 1275 listed. 

    ADA Lab Furnishings 

    The American’s With Disabilities Act (ADA) includes specifications which most laboratories must abide by.  ADA laboratory furnishings and casework are sized differently than standard units and we can help make sure you get the right ones to fit your specific needs.

    BSC can connect you to manufactures who will provide you with an array of door, drawer and sink cabinet configurations to make sure your business is in compliance. 

    Laboratory Case Work Storage 

    Having proper storage can be what saves you money and time. With proper storage your inventory is not only protected but saved from getting wasted or harming someone working in the lab. ADA lab furnishings

    BSC has been in business for over 43 years, working with premier providers of laboratory furnishings for industries all across the southeast. Our main office is located in Birmingham, Alabama but we help companies in Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas, Georgia and Florida. 

    If you’re ready to see an improvement with your laboratory storage contact a local BSC representative at 205-988-3300 or email us at and we’ll help you get started right away.