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    Business Systems and Consultants, Inc (BSC) offers fully constructed pre-manufactured Modular Buildings. We have a broad line of products including:

    • Cleanrooms
    • Modular offices
    • Security booths
    • Mezzanine structures
    • Pre-assembled exterior buildings
    • Etc.

    These products offer a great way to utilize the space you have in your office, building, and manufacturing facilities. Our products are relocatable, adjustable, and expandable at any time in the future.

    Below we have listings of the products we can install for you throughout the Southeast (Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, Florida, Georgia and Arkansas.)

    Exterior Modular Storage Buildings

    • Ballistic Buildings
    • Blast Resistant
    • Control Booths
    • Equipment Booths
    • Security Booths

    And more including: Baseball Dugouts, Control Booths, Equipment Booths, Steel Framed Booths, Warm-Up Booths, Cashier Booths, Parking Booths, Shipping Container Conversions, Blast Resistant, Valet Booths, Guard Towers/Shacks, Swab Booths, Ticket Booths, Electrical Houses, Solar Booths, Tool Booths, Attendant Booths, Gas Station Kiosk, Inspection Booths, Press Boxes, Scale Houses, Guard Houses, Pump Houses, Gate Houses, Operator Booths, Prefab Builidings, MCC Buildings, Rappel Towers, Training Towers, Trailered Booths, Quick Ship Booths, and PEMB.


    And more including: Cold Roll Mezzanines, Industrial Stairs, Prefab Stairs, Cage Ladders, Access Stairs, Metal Stairs, Crossovers, Mezzanine Lifts & Offices, Structural Steel Mezzanines, Catwalks, Vertical Conveyors, Conveyor Platforms, and Storage Platforms.

    Interior Modular Storage Buildings

    And more including: Conference Rooms, Grow Rooms, Modular Rooms, Server Rooms, CMM Rooms, Lactation Room, Wellness Rooms, Isolation Rooms, Breakrooms, Temperature Screening Rooms, CNC Machine Rooms, Environmental Rooms, SCIF Rooms, Control Rooms, Restrooms, Factory Offices, Modular Offices, Modular Office Walls, Quick Ship Offices, Warehouse Offices, Prefab Offices, Two-Story Offices, Shipping Offices, Cool Down Booths, Silence Booths, Paint Booths, Demising Walls, Tall Walls, Wall Systems, Fire Rated Wall Panels, Modular Jail Cells, Operator Cabs, Panelized ICUs, and Machine Enclosures.

    Why Should You Choose BSC?

    We stock all the parts, accessories, and storage solutions you might need, and that means you’ll be up and running as quickly as possible. We can also help you with designing and building your Modular building solution, and our expertise and experience will ensure functionality of design and a high level of efficiency. Furthermore, we’re familiar with the various safety and compliance requirements you might need to meet in different industries and will be with you for every step along the way.

    BSC has years of experience creating and designing customized material handling and storage solutions for all sorts of organizations, and that includes plenty of experience with the building of Modular Buildings in many industries. Whether you’re looking for work surfaces, furniture, or secure and temperature-controlled storage systems, we’re here to help. Contact BSC today to find out how we can help you build the perfect clean room for your needs, or for a quote or free assessment.