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    The new generation in modular buildings, mezzanines, and security booths. BSC partners with Panel Built to offer a complete line of custom modular offices, mezzanines, security booths, preassembled exterior buildings, and cleanrooms. The goal today is to solve our customers’ space needs with excellence and great customer service. 

    Flexibility – Modular offices and mezzanines are 100% relocatable and expandable. There are many options to buy or lease, as well as assistance with financing. 

    Quality – Strength and durability are the best way to describe these products. The light-weight, highly portable structural panels meet all military specifications and exceed most national building codes and OSHA requirements. 

    Warranty – Building and mezzanine owners are have an exclusive warranty of these products. 

    Service – Our dedicated sales team provides confidential free quotes and CAD drawings to help get your project underway. Our team is available to answer any questions about a quotation, an order, freight options or project changes. Turnkey installs provide help with one place material and installation availability. 

    Products – Panel Built manufactures standard and custom modular buildings including: one-, two, and three-story in-plant offices, multi-purpose mezzanine systems, security/guard stations, interior and exterior equipment enclosures, wall partitions, clean rooms, exterior offices, stari systems, and special-use buildings. 


    • Quick Ship Modular Office: Warehouse offices are a great way to fill this need in large warehouses and manufacturing facilities. 
    • Single Story: Panel systems easily adapt to a variety of applications. They also allow for fast, easy installation without compromising quality, durability or efficiency. Modular construction is a cost-effective alternative to conventional construction.
    • Multi-story: Two-story modular offices install quickly and reclaim wasted ceiling space. Additionally, inplant offices are in place on a mezzanine to utilize the floor space below. While still getting an overview of the facility. 
    • Prefabricated offices and buildings: Panel Built’s prefabricated office systems provide a controlled office space that is designed to fit your specific needs. 
    • Modular cleanrooms: Modular cleanrooms are facilities that are designed for the purpose of certain fields of research. Research such as biological or chemical research, and also for the manufacturing of certain high precision products. 
    • Fire rated: Both military and commercial customers come to Panel Built for their laboratory tested ASTM certified one-hour fire resistant wall panel system. 
    • Custom projects: Modular construction offers a variety of building options from large exterior buildings to inplant offices that fit right in your warehouse. Sometimes the standard modular buildings is not enough to fit a specific business need. 

    BSC offers industries efficient storage solutions such as modular buildings, mezzanines, and security booths. Ready to learn more? Contact us at 205-988-3300 or email us to speak with a representative today.