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    Organization is Simple with Mailroom & Casework Furniture

    Oct 19, 2018Mailroom Casework, Mailroom Furniture

    Paper is a prominent product in the workplace. Many industries like: Education, Libraries, Hospitals, Law Enforcement, etc. need proper organization to keep track of many forms, documents and personal records. Business Systems & Consultants partners with multiple leading manufacturers to bring flexible, easily adjustable and efficient mailroom and casework furniture to all industries in need.

    Mailroom and Casework Furniture

    Organization is key for many industries to bring higher productivity and lessen the time it could take to search for certain files, documents, etc. Hamilton Sorter provides furniture such as pre-assembled kits that are ready to be shipped straight to you and are ready for installment. Specific designs are also an option as every business is unique.

    Mailroom furniture kits provide a full mail and literature sorting solution that easily accommodates your exact needs. Unlike built-in millwork, modular mailroom furniture can be relocated or reconfigured at any time and installs quickly without any building modifications. Their are many varieties from the pre-made kits available. Imagine the cabinets, tables and shelves being customized for your exact needs. You can choose just what kind of configurations you want and can be installed easily.

    Bulk mail sorters for your mailroom and casework furniture

    Bulk mail sorters are are another option that offers efficiency and organization. The sorting bins and accompanying shelves are sized so that no space is wasted while making it easy for users to retrieve, store, and organize what you need quickly.  Their are multiple sizes and colors with flat or angled shelving.

    Modular Movable Casework and Modular Millwork Cabinets

    Modular casework and modular millwork cabinets offer flexible and functional storage in today’s offices. To add, it’s followed by a green building friendly system. Traditional built in furniture and cabinets will end up in the landfill every time you renovate or move; whereas, the casework and millwork is designed to move with you. Modular Movable Casework and Modular Millwork Cabinets are an excellent solution for almost any application including copy centers, pharmacies, break rooms, laboratories, mailrooms, or anywhere furniture and cabinets are traditionally installed.

    BSC specializes in all types of modular movable casework and modular millwork cabinets including anti-microbial for healthcare industries, and stainless steel for any industry including healthcare, schools, nurse stations, and laboratories. We can design and build anything you need. It’s easy to install and easy to relocate if your company moves buildings.

    Mailroom Furniture Solutions

    “As mailrooms have moved up from the basement, shrunk and come out of the shadows, our solutions have continued to evolve. Satellite mail stations are increasingly popular and are often placed in high traffic areas. As in the example pictured above, even large mailrooms may now be placed near reception. We appreciate how important it is to match the corporate design aesthetic. We have augmented our standard line with surfaces and finishes worthy of front-of-house. And because of the flexibility of our manufacturing processes, custom materials are always an option.”

    “Architects and designers managing a major renovation can feel comfortable delegating the practical details of their mail systems to us. We have been doing this for a long time. We offer a comprehensive line of casework and all of the accessories required. We will honor the design integrity of your project and are dedicated to delivering solutions that work.”

    Reasons to choose mailroom and casework furniture

    • Green friendly
    • Multiple design options
    • Cost savings
    • Made in the US
    • Flexibility
    • Detail-oriented
    • Easy to handle
    • Task-specific

    Whether you are designing a new cabinet and table for your office, a copy room, mailroom, healthcare, or athletic facility BSC can help you with Modular Movable Casework and Modular Millwork Cabinets so that you are making a sustainable investment in your company. Check out the video below from Hamilton Sorter for a quick demonstration on how simple these products are and how efficient they can be in your work space.

    If you are considering new mailroom or casework furniture solution for your work space contact a local BSC rep for more information and see for yourself how easy and efficient this product is. We design the storage product just for your accommodations and your installation will be delivered to you in no time. Contact for any more questions!