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    BSC offers endless options for high performance storage solutions. We provide pallet rack systems that are specialized to fit the needs of your facility. Pallet racks allow you to store inventory and other supplies straight from transportation. Our high density storage systems are specially designed to maximize space where storage area is limited, or operating costs are high. These ultra-strong racks are built with roll-form columns and heavy duty bracing to ensure structural integrity. We provide multiple ways to optimize your storage space with high density storage, pallet racks, and specialized racks.

    High Density Storage

    When storage space is at a premium, high density racks are the perfect solution. These systems can increase storage space by 75%. This solution is great for organizations with high distribution volumes or need freezer or cooler storage.

    Pallet Rack Storage

    From retail inventory to warehouse storage, the pallet rack is one of the most versatile storage solutions in the industry. Our selective pallet racks come in a variety of sizes and options. The provide the benefit of full accessibility while remaining strong in even the most demanding conditions.

    Specialized Storage Systems

    Designed to handle unique sizes and shapes, these systems are great for storing pipes, lumber, and reels. We provide a variety of options including cantilever, reel racks, and other specialized storage systems to fit any need. 


    BSC is proud to provide expert service and storage solutions to the Southeast. We are the premier provider of endless storage solutions. Call us today to get started with a consultation! (205) 988-3300