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    Police Department Evidence Storage & Facilities: The Problem & Solution

    Feb 22, 2019Blog, Law Enforcement

    The problem police departments see without proper evidence storage

    As cities grow, so do their police departments. With growth and the every day need to collect and store evidence and property, police departments need a long-term solution to accommodate the growth. To build on their system and current storage facility, the police departments turned to Business Systems & Consultants for help in the planning, development, and installation of an adequate evidence storage system.

    The new systems provided plenty of storage space for the police department’s evidence and archival records, as well as their current files that were accessed frequently.

    With the new evidence storage systems, our client now has ample capacity with room to grow and improved organization of their materials.

    The perfect solution for evidence storage in your police departments 

    Business Systems & Consultants’ solution is to use mobile shelving systems equipped with 4Post Shelving in both the records area and evidence storage. Business Systems & Consultants’ evidence storage systems come in many configurations including, but not limited to:

    • Mobile shelving
    • Dry storage
    • Warehouse racking
    • Pass-through lockers
    • Biological evidence

    Our wire partitions can also be used as evidence storage cages. We work directly with a premier provider of wire partitions and secure storage cages to properly secure and protect sensitive or dangerous items. These solutions will allow the police departments to have a long-lasting storage system for years to come.

    Police departments use BSC’s evidence and property storage solutions to efficiently manage and protect records and evidence.

    If your police department is continuing to see growth and evidence storage is pouring into your department, BSC has the perfect evidence storage solution for you. Contact a local BSC representative for more information. 205-988-3300 |